Monday, May 14, 2007


Saturday night while the girls were working on their crafts at camp the adults were talking about this and that. I'll set the scene. We have the 40-50 something mom w/ five daughters, the 40-50 something mom (who's part German) with four kids (two daughters in the troop) daughters and working on her third marriage, the 50+ grandpa from our church who's married to one of the biggest busy-body bitches in the world and my new friend who's probably a little younger than me. My new friend and I were sitting closest to each other being snarky about the cadets when I overheard the others talking about piercings and tattoos. : )

So I'm sitting there smiling inside as they talk about tatts. The German mom was saying she didn't understand why people got tattoos. There are perfectly good temporary ones so why would you get one? They were going back and forth about it and I said I thought tattoos were interesting and made a personal statement. The German mom said aha, you're one of THOSE girls, you have a tattoo don't you? Let me see it.

I'm sure I blushed, I mean the grandpa from our church is sitting right there. I said, uh, no, I can't show mine but I have one. Right then The Girl walks up and says, yeah, Mommy has a tattoo on her butt and Daddy has one on his arm. Now the other parents, except for my snarky friend, think I'm one of THOSE girls : ) LOL

Speaking of tatts--nobody weighed in on the ankle tattoo idea. I don't know if I'll really do it, but I'm curious to hear your opinions.

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