Wednesday, November 25, 2009

thanksgiving 2009 is tomorrow

we'll be having dinner at my folks house tomorrow. my aunt and uncle will be there and my cousin along w/ my bro/sil and their kids and my sister and her husband and kids.

ah....there are so very many things i have to be thankful for. the hubs, my kids, our health and well-being. all the things we take for granted all the time. i am thankful.

despite the tumultuous relationship i have w/ my parents tomorrow will be fine. we will have turkey and pumpkin pie and stuffing (two kinds, the bread stuffing my mom makes, the kind i grew up on and love, and the cornbread stuffing the hubs loves, the kind his mom made, the kind he grew up on).

i am beginning to think we are perhaps the only family that doesn't have alcohol as part of our celebration. we never have. neither of my grandparents ever did. wine or cocktails were never social things for either family. maybe that's why there's so much alcoholism? hmmm.

saturday we're having my brother's family over for our own little thanksgiving. the hubs will make a turkey and we will enjoy each others company.

here's wishing all of you, my dear friends, a happy thanksgiving : ) oxox


Hotch Potchery said...

There were many times when holidays were all about drinking. and eating. Now we are more about the eating.

Now, the drinking will come, but on Friday for football!!!

cheatymoon said...

I am saying hello from my parents house. There was wine involved. I don't even drink and there was lots of wine involved.