Tuesday, November 24, 2009

this and that

we watched the last episode of that j&k w/ 8 kids show last night. i haven't kept up w/ it in awhile. i got tired of all their freebies and the mom's yelling and bitching and then got tired of the dad acting like a damn teenager. i don't know what his plans for the future are, but dude seriously needs to fucking grow up. i realize editing can make a person look one way or another, but his actions/words over the last year only make him look like an immature, selfish ass. i used to be on his side because the mom is a bitch, she yelled, she treated him badly. so ok, get a divorce, but dude, do not act like a douche canoe and do not revert to a teenager and do not put yourself above your kids.

today is the last day of school for the kids this week. tomorrow we'll go see new moon. though the girl is firmly in team edward camp (and i in team jacob) she has admitted that jacob is much hotter. her words, not mine. ; )

we'll be going to my folks house for thanksgiving thursday. i always have mixed feelings on thanksgiving. growing up it was the same. since we lived all over the place it was hit or miss on what we'd do for the holidays. if we were w/in driving distance and it was possible we drove home to wv and usually had two thanksgiving dinners (one at each gma's house). if we couldn't make it home it was just us, our immediate family.

over the last several years thanksgiving bounces between being at our house or my parents house as we have the most room. my mom made a big deal out of wanting to host this year since it will be the last thanksgiving my aunt and uncle are around before they pack up and move to beverly, hills that is, swimming pools, movie stars....uh, i mean before they sell their house here and move to arizona. presumably to be far away from my folks. i'm just saying.

we will gather around and pretend we are the waltons for a few hours and that will be that. over the next few days i'll make a turkey for us here and we'll haul out the christmas decorations and hopefully have a good time.


cheatymoon said...

Think of it as blog fodder. We will be with you in spirit. Enduring our own Waltons-like holidays.


Kristin.... said...

We'll be hosting Thanksgiving here. It's easier. I look forward to it, then can't wait for everyone to leave so I can put on my jammies and relax! :)

Not Your Aunt B said...

Photos please (if there are photo-worthy blog entries)! We're missing going to my parents as the baby is sick, but oh, the blogs I could post about the zaniness in that house. Hope you have a wonderful (second) Thanksgiving (with the ones you love at your home)!

Hotch Potchery said...

We will all be having fun filled family Thanksgivings it seems!

Surely said...

We call family gatherings "Forced Family Fun" I thought you might appreciate that phrase...too bad I'm reading after the fact!

Happy Thanksgiving!