Thursday, November 5, 2009


when i was in high school in the 80s these shoes were it. not in this particular format--no colored grommets or black leather. no, back in the day you had light or dark brown docksiders. the older, more worn they looked the better. and you never wore them w/ socks. it was an unwritten rule.

those that know me well know that i'm not a fashionista, never have been. but, in high school i embraced all of the 80s dress codes--well, those that reached us in the army school in europe anyway. we weren't always on the cutting edge of things, plus our style got mixed up w/ what the german kids were wearing and what we could find in the local stores. anywho---the docksiders.

once when i was leaving the house my dad noticed that i didn't have socks on. really? of ALL the things you could worry about w/ your teenage daughter who was dating a bad boy 3 yrs older than her, you were worried about SOCKS? of course he made me put them on. and of course i took them off and stuffed them in my purse or book bag as soon as i got out the door. stupid dad--didn't he know NOBODY wore socks w/ their docksiders.

i thought about this this morning as our high is supposed to be 59 and the girl came out dressed in shorts and flip flops. we are going through a time right now where whatever comes out of my mouth is immediately wrong or if i say i like something she hates it or if i make something she hates it or....whatever. she's rebelling against me big time these last several days. so i look at her summer attire and say, did you check the weather? what's the high going to be? (we can easily check this because the hubs has a super cool mini-weather thingy inside that gives the 3 day forecast. quite handy). 59, it will get up to 59 today. ok, there is frost on the ground outside and i had to turn the heat on last night. i don't think shorts and flip flops are going to fly today. she rolled her eyes and changed clothes.

at what point do you let kids make their own decisions when it comes to dressing for the weather? do i let her wear flip flops and shorts until she just can't stand it? is this one of those times i should heed the warning, choose your battles?

*and really? i have no room to talk about attire. my out of work outfit varies between my holiest (and i'm talking i really can't politely wear these things out of the house anymore holy) jeans and a t-shirt to some pull on comfy pants and a sweatshirt. and ....crocs. yes. i wear them. with socks even. and...they're pink. i know some of you are HOWLING w/ laughter right now. and the thing is--the crocs are old and worn and not even REAL crocs (much like my docksiders in high school).


justsomethoughts... said...

i never owned a pair.
even though they were a bit before my time.
still wanted them.

IB said...

I let my son choose his own attire the day I got sick of telling him to "put on a fucking jacket!". I figure if he's cold enough, he'll figure it out.

Hotch Potchery said...

I would have let her go in those clothes...she would choose better tomorrow.

BUT, I wouldn't want the teachers, etc. to think I was neglectful...

I am a dope.

Not Your Aunt B said...

I let them wear what they want & they can deal with the consequences later. Of course, mine are little so I bring back up clothes, but don't give it to them until they get the lesson. With a teenager, she's just going to have to get it on her own. I can remember suffering in the cold up until my 20's because I wanted to wear a certain outfit. Now I laugh at those girls. I guess we all go through it.

Penny said...

I think 3 year old boys and pre teen girls have a lot in common. Every morning we have a battle with Eli that he can't wear shorts to school...maybe I should just let him, but my problem is I don't want the teachers to JUDGE ME.

The Mayor said...

Some clothing battles are worth fighting about (that's too skanky looking) and let's not show our boobage honey.

A little off for the so much.