Thursday, November 19, 2009

pros and cons of facelibre

(my brain is full this morning so you'll most likely get more than one post. you have been warned.)
facelibre intrigues me. i jumped on that bandwagon kicking and screaming and yet find i've happily reconnected w/ many friends/family.
this week a girl i went to high school w/ friended me; i will call her cally cos she now lives in cali. anywho. in high school i had two best friends (not counting the hubs) and the three of us were always together. oddly enough, though i'm friends w/ one of them on fb, we never talk and i've lost touch w/ the other. cally attended our school for maybe a full school year and befriended one of my two best friends and sort of became a satellite in our group for awhile. i really don't remember much about her personality other than she was really nice. my biggest memory about her actually happened after she left. i went to high school in germany (dad was in the army). neither of cally's parents were in the army, i think one of them was a professor or some other civilian who had a short contract doing something for the army. anyway--when she went back to the "world" as we called it then, she sent my friend video tapes of a little something called mtv.
being in europe our armed forces network did not get mtv when it came marching on to the scene in the early 80s, so cally's duran duran videos were our first exposure to this wonderful thing. one of my 2 besties at the time was a HUGE duran duran fan, hence the videos. i think there were also some billy idol ones in the mix. so one of my most vivid memories surrounding cally was a group of us gathering at my friend's house to watch the mtv videos cally had taped for her.
and today i summed up the last 20 yrs of my life in a big fat paragraph for her. how do you do that? i've never been good about editing myself so what exactly do you tell someone you haven't talked to since high school? yes, i'm married (yes, to that guy i was dating in high school and yes he still rocks my world), have two kids (they are fucking awesome by the way) and up until this april i actually was using my college journalism degree. hobbies? oh farming on facebook and cleaning house. ok, cleaning house, NOT really a hobby but it's what i do. sometimes.
one more thing about fb that makes me want to stuff myself in a locker is being able to look at my friend's friends. (granted, this is how people find one another sometimes) my old high school insecurities come rushing back when i look at the hubs' friends and see people that i was friends w/ in high school who are HIS friends but not mine. really? we had a few friends in common who friended him but not me. then there are people neither of us were really friends w/ who friended him but not me. yes, in high school he was much, much cooler than me and i was the geeky, nerdy national honor society kid, but STILL.


Hotch Potchery said...

I HATE that Mr. P is a FB friend of the first girl he had sex with. HATE IT.

cheatymoon said...

Yeah, I have some FB friends from elementary and HS that I could ditch. Then I have some that I'm so happy to have found...
I know of a few that are on FB that I wouldn't want to be friended with... hoping that they stay off the radar.
Also a big reason the blog is not mentioned in FB land is that many close friends and family are on FB, and well...House-o-cards, since my child is one of my FB friends.