Monday, November 23, 2009

over indulge much?

last week i alluded to the fact that the hubs had the misfortune of conversing w/ my father. my dad gets home from work around 2pm and starts drinking jim beam so if you ever stop by in the afternoon you are likely to get an earful of....crap mostly.

my dad likes to rewrite history, dole out his wisdom and generally be an ass when he's drinking. actually, this is how he is most of the time, the liquor just makes him more vocal about it.

this particular day he was bitching to the hubs about how much money my mom's been spending. see, when my grandma died this past march, my dad and aunt came into some money. i don't know the exact dollar amount. i just know that my grandpa died in 1985 and my grandma's been well taken care of since then and had a wad in the bank. it should be noted that my parents have never, ever been good with money nor did they ever really make any plans for the future. they've never made plans. w/ three kids you'd think they would have thought about setting aside college money, money for weddings, etc. but alas no. though my dad rewrites history from time to time and says they paid for my education and wedding (both lies).

since my gma died 8 months ago they've bought a camper in wv that they say the will use all the time (they won't), they've had their house sided, trees/bushes removed and some other stuff. my mom is on a spending spree and wants new furniture, carpet etc. granted, their house has looked like shit for years and it does need help. my dad wants to buy a bass boat. i think my grandpa would roll over in his grave if he could see how my parents have gone through this money.

bitching about my mom's spending was just part of it. he then went on to say that we over indulge our kids. this because the boy is taking karate. because he was taking guitar and is now taking karate. my dad then said that he understands, because he has always over indulged his kids and grandkids. i'm so glad i wasn't there for that conversation because i think i just might have keeled over. really? over indulged us? wow. that's a first for me.

he also talked about how his sister (my aunt and uncle who are packing up and moving to arizona in the near future) and her husband aren't family oriented and they're spending their part of the money on themselves. omfg. really? because they've been wiser w/ their money and because they're able to retire and do what they want in life they're not family oriented? and sitting in your den playing video games or watching tv and being a drunk are family oriented activities? really? omfg again.

my father also reminded the hubs of how he lent us money once for the hubs to take care of a family emergency in oklahoma. uh--that fucking never happened. twice the hubs needed to get there in an emergency and once my dear friend big t helped and the other time my bro/sil helped. my parents never did. my dad keeps saying he wants to make sure they have money left over so they can loan it to us kids if we need it. really? like i'd ever ask him for a fucking dime.

i should have written this post right after the hubs recounted the conversation because i'm sure i'm forgetting something.

oh--he told the hubs how we were in for a lot of trouble when the girl gets to be a teen because there's so much more going on w/ kids these days. he said something to the effect that we aren't like him, he had his finger on everything that was going on, knew it all and could control it. hmmm, really? you knew when the hubs came over to hang out w/ me in high school that i was giving him a bj just down the hall from you? huh. (yes, there will be a bj post to come soon--ha ha--i said come!) anyway--to sum it up, he was a douche canoe, he drinks and runs his mouth and i do not know why i still lose my mind over some of the things he says.

over indulgent my ass.


cheatymoon said...


My mom tells me I have no idea what it's like in schools these days. No idea.

But this is terrible. I'm glad you're writing it down. Smart of you.

I hope you have T-day plans w/ fun family members.

Penny said...

man this reminds me of my dad...I know I told you this before but when my Grandma died my dad bought a Harley and LOANED me and my sister 1500$ each. He also has an RV. Honestly, he is generous with money, but he is HORRIBLE with it.

Not Your Aunt B said...

OMG. He DOES rewrite history. You might need a swig of his Jim Beam the next time just to make it tolerable.

drollgirl said...

good lord. wouldn't you like to ask your dad who was paying him for his tall tales? gsus. i always want to put people in their place and call them out on shit, but sometimes it is just a lost cause. not that he is. hopefully this makes sense.

i have a fucktard brother that needs a lot of checking and re-checking. he really doesn't like to be around me much, and that is sure as shit fine by me.

and thank you for your comment. i am trying to chill, and hope for the best. fucking fingers crossed, for sure.

Astarte said...

OMG. How did he ever keep a straight face listening to all that crap?! My mother used to try to lay it on in front of my boyfriends, but after she got called out one time by her BOYFRIEND, who is no great parent himself, she stopped. Now she actually has the sense to never, ever mention when I was a kid. If she did, I don't think I could be responsible for what would happen!

What a double douchecanoe! Someday, you will get the satisfaction of putting that man in the ground, selling all of his shit, and moving on. Until then, um, well.... you want some crantini? I still have one left!

Anonymous said...

I don't recommend it, but it sure would be fun to tape record him and then call one of their favorite "family meetings" and replay his rantings.
As for indulging anyone in my house I doubt it! He hardly pays any attention to puddin and I am sure he only shows for gameboys sports events because your mom makes him. We don't even talk when we are in his house for goodness sake!
At least we have each other at thanksgiving!!

Unknown said...

How'd you turn out so well?

The Mayor said...

I'm pretty sure there's a blood link between your dad and my father-in-law.They sound like twins.

Only my f.i.l has passed away so now he can't unload his crap and life is much more peaceful.