Sunday, November 8, 2009

meow and purr

we have two cats (and two dogs) who are quite vocal. the girl's cat talks a lot. meowing at the drop of a hat, meowing back to you when you talk to her, etc. the boy cat, jasper, occasionally meows, but he mostly makes these other noises that i can't even describe. they're like...half purrs half moans, guttural, fully sated noises. like he's just had the best sex in the world and really all he's doing is stretching or rolling over or waking up.

that wasn't even what i was going to post about so i have no idea why i went down that path but now that i am down that path i can't remember what the damn post was going to be about. now all i am thinking about is purring and being sated.


Hotch Potchery said...

We have a very vocal cat, too. Damn, she is annoying.

Firegirl said...

hahaha...welcome to how my brain works. (:-D

Everyday Goddess said...

I'd like to follow Jasper's lead. To feel things so fully is truly a blissful thing!

The Mayor said... have the worries of a house cat simply enjoying life.

Gal Friday said...

Hmmm...a post about "purring and being sated", right after a post with a picture of an "Ecsrasy" condom? ;-)
(goin to back and read that one now)