Thursday, November 26, 2009

gobble gobble

thanksgiving has come and gone and we're home for the night. the hubs is snoring in his recliner, the kids are wrestling around in the den and i'm playing with photos online.

the hubs and i spent the morning preparing the dishes we took to my mom's--cornbread stuffing, pineapple casserole, cranberry sauce and a wine cake. as we were showering this morning i wondered if other couples shower together on a regular basis. we almost always shower together on the weekends. what about you?

we had dinner at my folks' house around 3ish. there were a few snide comments made during dinner. i don't know how it came up but i said something about taking a shower together and my dad asked if we could both fit in there. i said something like at least we wanted to be in the shower together. i'm not sure he heard. then i said well maybe we the people who'd had sex today could raise their hands and my bro said something like, well, you could go for a longer time frame than that (alluding to the fact that my parents haven't done it for 5 or more years).

otherwise i think it was ok. i mean we ate off of paper plates and drank from paper cups (but hey, they were christmas themed to match the red christmas tablecloth) but whatev. i think my sil and i were a little grossed out when my bro got to the bottom of his plastic cup (he should have picked a disposable cup) only to find something caked on the bottom of it. ewwwwwwwwww.

but--i enjoyed being w/ the majority of my family and i'm full and it's been a good day. i hope you all had a great thanksgiving.


drollgirl said...

oh thanksgiving with the family. i am glad it was pretty good for you, all in all!

and any couple that showers together regularly must be doing something right! i think that is just fab and sounds so loving, intimate and caring. i love it! why would somebody make a snarky comment about that?! people are so weird.

and thank you for your sweet comment. all this waiting is for the birds, and patience is not my forte, but i just have to chill and see what happens.

sorry for babbling. lots of wine today! :)

cheatymoon said...

Other half and I shower together when we get the opportunity. :-)

Glad your T-day went well. Ours was surprisingly cool. The ride home required an ativan chaser, but that wasn't due to my extended family...

Hotch Potchery said...

I am WAY too self conscious to shower with Mr. P, stretch marks and flab rolls, yuck!

Penny said...

We haven't had a shower big enough for both of us to shower in for a LONG is sad. I do like a nice shower together. P

Pineapple casserole? That sounds interesting.

The Mayor said...

Intrigued by the pineapple casserole idea. Glad you got out of there without pulling your hair out.

Not Your Aunt B said...

I am also interested in the pineapple casserole. And what's wrong with conserving a little water? Haters!