Thursday, November 19, 2009

some gifts should not be recycled

a couple of years ago the hubs joined a christmas club fund through work. if you ever have the chance to do this i highly recommend it. i love getting that check and spending it. we got it a few weeks ago and i started shopping for the kids. this week i realized the money is almost gone and the hubs and i were talking about what there is left to buy, etc.

most of the time the hubs is the one who's more apt to spend money on the kids or give them a little extra when they don't have enough saved to buy something, but when it comes to christmas shopping i am...unstoppable. somewhat uncontrollable. i get giddy when i go to the stores, armed w/ their wish lists, and find things on sale. i don't do one big shop, rather i graze and spread it out over a period of weeks/months. it delights me!

after dinner i hauled out everything i'd bought, eager to show the hubs. then we started talking about the rest of the people we need to buy for, like my parents. here's where it gets bad, really bad.

ahem. the hubs suggested we give them gifts that we actually purchased for ourselves but have either used once and not enjoyed it or used a few times and become allergic to it. these gifts may or not be made of latex and may or not be....of the adult toy variety. they may or may not be his and hers items. the hubs' logic in this is that, according to my dad, my parents don't have sex any more, and these gifts may or may not help them....relieve themselves.

of course we are NOT regifting these things---it would be wrong on about elebentybillion levels, but, what is there to do w/ these items? they are still perfectly good, just not good for us anymore. i can't really see putting them in the next box i take to goodwill. i can't see even jokingly wrapping them up and giving them to my friend sweet t as a wedding present this weekend. is there a sex toy recycling program???

in general i am all in favor of recycling gifts. not because i'm cheap (though there is that money saving aspect) but because i like the idea of things not going to waste. what are your thoughts on regifting?


Anonymous said...

If I get a sex toy from you, I will be suspicious!

Sweet T

Hotch Potchery said...

Poor people like sex toys too.

drollgirl said...

i hear regifting is going to be big this year!!!!

as far as the sex toy recycling goes, i have looked into this and found a place on line. it all sounded great, and i emailed them and asked them to send me a BUNCH of packets so that i could mail or drop off my old toys to be recycled. they never responded. ARGH!!! i considered putting them in the recycling bin, but figured neighbors or kids might find them, and that would be RATHER EMBARRASSING. so i am not sure what to do!!!!

justsomethoughts... said...

so many comments crossing my mind....

Gal Friday said...

You need to have a Yankee Swap party(I do this every year after Christmas with some friends--where we put all our..ahem.."unwanted" gifts into a pool to swap or trade)...and I guarantee your gift would be THE most coveted one!!!

Not Your Aunt B said...

I say you do a take on Secret Santa where you leave the "gifts" secretly where your parents will find them with a little note from Santa and see what happens... It might make for a very merry Christmas for them!