Thursday, November 5, 2009

please forgive me

holy hell. i am so ashamed and embarrassed.

in my haste to revamp the blog a few weeks ago, i screwed around and lost my blog list. i know some people have a huge blog roll on the side of their blogs and they may or may not read them on a regular basis but i use mine as a go to.

since i've been neglecting my blog anyway, i hadn't paid attention. i left off three of my faves! i have rectified this and will be around to catch up on you all. omg. really, i have just had my head up my ass apparently.

fragrant liar, a mouthy irish woman and my dear, sweet, long time bloggy friend, kristin--please accept my sincere apologies.

if i've neglected anyone else, please feel free to bitch slap me so i can add you back to the list. or if you just feel like being a little rough....


Kristin.... said...

Well I should click thru more often~I love the new look!!!!!

And you know I love you no matter what. :)

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

seriousy? i'm a douche. i haven't posted or read in a very long time.

your a peach...i need a horse to get back on. do you have one i can borrow??

Ali said...

I hadn't clicked through to see the new look! I like it!

Gal Friday said... are so sweet, to be worrying about all this--I am sure your friends forgive you! ;-)
Now, please forgive ME for not having been around to read your blog lately(among some other favorite bloggy places)..but I'll get around to it in the next few days--that's my plan.

IB said...

Well I am relieved to see I am still on the list. Whew!


justsomethoughts... said...

i'm breathing a sigh of relief.
now about that slapping thing...

The Mayor said...

Well I thank you for including me, except it just says "blog" instead of Sasstown.

You've inspired me to go into my website and update my list.

Sherendipity said...

I need to revamp mine. I haven't looked at it in such a long time. There is even a blog or two on there that no longer post, or don't even exist.
I'm almost anti blog roll, except for the fact that I get warm fuzzies when I see Sherendipity on other's, and I feel the need to give warm fuzzies back.