Thursday, November 19, 2009

gmaps, totga, leaves and no more santa

my brother has been on a quest to find all of the places we lived growing up on google maps. today i found two of them--one in pennsylvania and the other in germany. although we couldn't get street views, we got great aerial views and it really was incredible. the army housing area we lived in in Germany has been turned over to the germans and the base where our dad worked is closed, gone. so many of the military places have either been torn down or repurposed, but it is still so cool to see the landmarks.
snippet of convo:

hubs: i'm lucky to be w/ the love of my life.

me: me too (yeah, i'm sooooo good w/ the words)

hubs: no, i mean some people always wonder about the one that got away but not me. i had the love of my life, you got away and then i had to hunt you down and make you see the light. blog about THAT! (as if i wouldn't)
<-----see that building? see the white building behind those trees? it has an entrance exactly like this one and THAT is where the hubs and i met, for the very first time, in june of 1983.
i am so freaking tired of vacuuming damn leaves off of the den floor i could scream. every damn day i vacuum this room and every damn day it looks like a tree walked in here and shook off all its clothes. dammit.

today the boy confessed that he no longer believes in santa. (SOB!) yesterday we saw a commercial for visiting santa at the mall or something and i asked him if he wanted to go. he just looked at me like i'd sprouted a unicorn horn and say, uh, no. i asked why and he said because i don't believe in santa. i asked why. he said because it's just not logical. so i tried to talk to him about christmas magic, probably more for my benefit than his, and he acted like he might believe. i knew in my heart he didn't. then he said, ok, well if santa is real i'm going to think of the one best gift i want and not tell anyone and if i get it then he's real. oh fuck me, i thought. the girl tried to help by telling the boy that santa is magical but not psychic, you have to tell your parents so they can tell santa. it all boils down to the fact that my baby no longer believes in santa claus. no more people in my house believe. (SOB!)


cheatymoon said...

When the kids were little, we used to say "if you don't believe, you don't receive"...
My child told me a few years ago that he was "all set with Santa", also "the Easter bunny is just creepy". No kidding, my poor child w/ the anxiety disorder was afraid of EB. I've scarred him just for the love of chocolate.
I love that you showed us where you and hubs met in 1983. So sweet.

Hotch Potchery said...

We have yet to have those conversations with our kids---I remember telling my mom I didn't believe, and I still remember the look in her eyes.

Astarte said...

Oh, Santa. Josie stopped believing last year (she also knows about the tooth fairy) and I think Patrick is on the way. Sigh. Also making me sad - this is Josie's last year of being in the church Xmas pageant, and Patrick hates that kind of thing, so it will be our last Xmas pageant. Also-also, both kids are now too old for the Angel breakfast at church, where the kids and an adult get breakfast, stories, and a little gift. Moan. I know we're probably entering another phase which will also have its charms, but I can't help but feel like my life is flash-forwarding to the time when they're gone. :(

Sherendipity said...

Oh honey, let him not believe in Santa, but don't ever let either of them let go of that belief in Christmas Magic. That's one of the worst things a person can loose.
You know, the google map idea is pretty damned cool. I want to go and do that!

Gal Friday said...

How thrilling to be able to "revisit"(sort of) those places you once lived in(and to see the very place where you and the hubs first set eyes on each other)!! Google maps are pretty cool--I did the same thing with my hometown one day and it was very emotional(especially since this place--NOTHING much has changed).

Penny said...

I have never told my parents that I don't believe in Santa Clause...I think my dad still assumes I do, and in some ways I really the magic of Christmas and how it (sometimes)brings out the good in people

(we are now living back in the same place where I met the love of my life...and it is weird sometimes being here, but nice)

Not Your Aunt B said...

The google maps thing is cool!
I think your hubs just wants you to blog about him. Blog hog! Ha!
And oh, SOB, he doesn't believe. I hope he does hold on to the Christmas magic or at least understand it in a few years.