Tuesday, November 17, 2009


i was out christmas shopping for the kids today (and running a few errands) when a small voice transported me back in time 10 years.

i was strolling around in tarjay when i heard the sweetest little two-year-old voice that could have been a carbon copy of the girl. oh sweet jesus but our girl was the cutest toddler EVER. pigtails, smiles all the time, sweetness, curiosity, fearless. she didn't know a stranger and was so talkative and happy. that voice i heard in the store was the exact same voice (do you know how hard it is to write a poignant post about your daughter as a toddler when he 12-year old self is sitting three feet away from you being loud and obnoxious????) she had at that age.

the overheard conversation went like this (but really, i wish i could have recorded it because w/ out that sweet voice it's just not quite the same):

mom: c'mon honey it's time to go. don't you want to go to sally's house?

toddler: yes mommy, i DO want to go to sally's house. i love playing with her.

mom: ok, then we need to get going.

toddler: (squealing w/ delight and eagerness) come ON mommy! let's go NOW! giggle giggle giggle

i kid you not i stood at the end cap listening and tears filled my eyes.

holy crap wtf is wrong w/ me? lol


drollgirl said...

you sentimental sally! there is nothing wrong with having those kinds of moments. sometimes tears are good things. :)

cheatymoon said...

I've done this. Gotten weepy over sweet toddlers that remind me of my boy. The towering snarky one who smokes.

Antoinette Meaterson said...

Maybe you're ovulating.

/I got nothin' and I'm crabby.

Hotch Potchery said...

Remembering toddlers with happiness? What is that like?

Ali said...

Hormones, I suggest chocolate as a good substitute for toddlers.

Penny said...

I keep having fond memories from when Eli was six months old...he was cute and slept through the night and was still immobile....three is hell.

Not Your Aunt B said...

You're a mom. We're sentimental. I get choked up with hand me down clothes, so I'm right there with you!