Thursday, June 11, 2009

little friday

it's little friday and i just realized i haven't posted since last friday, and that wasn't even really a post now was it? one nut. ha.

so--here's my week in a nutshell:

nephew slept over; scouted out a camp ground for an upcoming camping trip w/ bro/sil/puddin' and said nephew; cookout at bro's house; last week of school wrapping up; school picnic; tomorrow each kid is having 2-4 friends each come home for end of year pool party (what the HELL was i thinking--it might rain); maximized last week of alone time by going to lunch with friends twice and coffee w/ another; started cleaning out our closet (omg it is horrendous. i have no idea how we've fit so much crap in there. aside from the stuff that is supposed to live in closets there is a broken metal detector, a huge container of assorted wires and cords a box of vhs movies (and no they aren't porn) and two trunks.); swam in the pool, finally (the kids had been in it but it was too damn cold for me, until this week--now the kids and i are working on a pool exercise regimen : ) ); hubs made jerky; girl stayed home alone while i went to pick boy up from school (for a grand total of 20 mins and she only called once to ask if she could start baking a cake but not turn on the oven); watched paul blart, mall cop (eh, it was ok. i do love kevin james), night at the museum 2 (eh, it was ok as well, love me some owen wilson as a little cowboy) taken (holy hell it was good, liam kicked ASS and the movie disturbed me and my kids will never travel as teens in europe alone) and finally harold and kumar escape from guantanamo (omg, i laughed, a lot, and i love kal pen, and now i cannot get the term rock out with my cock out out of my head).

despite all of my poo-pooing and hating on face libre months ago, i am now under its influence. i have been sucked in to playing mafia wars. i have an odd mix of friends on there--some from high school, some from college, some i'm friends w/ now (both here and in person), some family members and some business associates from various past jobs.

i had a small world/coincidental moment yesterday (only a movie--you will appreciate this). one of the high school people i'm friends w/ is a guy i knew but wasn't actually besties with or anything. i didn't dislike him but we weren't close--anyway he had found me and friended me and that was cool. we'd never really "talked" to each other on fb, but he plays mafia wars. yesterday i was looking at his profile cos he had some high school pics up there and i knew a few of the people in his pics. then i looked at his profile and his home town (and current residence) is near here and he went to one of the big universities near here. now, for most people that might not be unusual---someone you went to high school w/ lives near you and in fact is from your part of the country. ahem--we went to school together in germany folks. and now he lives about 40-50 miles from me. and? freakier still? i applied for a job online yesterday w/ a big company. he works for that company (though not in the same field). how freaky is that? seriously, i thought it was pretty interesting.

so, what have you all been doing?


cheatymoon said...

Ooooh, I love that story.
My other half was just hired at a new company in January and a blast from my past works there. A little freaky. But you know that shit happens to me all the time.

If you link to bloggish friends on FB, you could be on mine and we could play scrabble. It is a bit addicting.

Hotch Potchery said...

That is pretty crazy!!

Pandora said...

Sweet mother,your life is chaotic.In comparison to yours,mine sounds completely dull.Which I realise,isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Your old school friend thing,is super freaky,but I've always said (or at least my parents always said) the world is a small place.You always run into the most random people,at the weirdest times.

I also really like Taken,but haven't watched the other movies yet.I think I will like the Harold and Kumar one,cos I liked the first one.A movie I laughed my ass off at,was Pineapple Express.Everyone I know kept telling me not to watch it,because it sucked ass,but I really liked it and thought it was funny.My boyfriend and I now keep telling each other to 'be stronger!be taller!'

the Mayor said...

That is so weird, I'm all about the action movie and a "do what ever it takes" to get the job done. However, I disliked the teenage daughter and mother in Taken so much,(they were both spoiled royal bitches) that I couldn't get all behind the let's save her at all cost mission. So your husband/daddy has been gone half your life, we are supposed to be all weepy about that? That's reality for a large part of the population. That mother needs some balls.
But you have to admire Liam Neeson's character's initiative.