Tuesday, June 3, 2008

this is me, wallowing in my wallow

i am wallowing in my sucktastic day. the hubs had to go to a work dinner. he is thrilled pissed. he is eating at a korean buffet. again. please lord do not let him eat the kimshe (sp?) again.

the kids (who were pissed that we didn't go out to eat and that i fed them pancakes) are in bed.

i cannot, as a responsible adult, get high at this moment (yes, there i said it out right). i probably just lost about 1/2 of my audience as they shake their heads and think, uh, she's too much for me, i can't handle the cussing and the sex talk and what, she smokes weed too? yeah. it's already been decided folks, i'm going to hell.

however, i am not as evil as you may think. i mean, i took an internet test to prove it. i'm just twisted.

How evil are you?

do you ever get lost on the internet? wow. i mean seriously, it sucks time away. you read a blog, then follow a comment, then read another blog and tada you learn all sorts of things. did you know, for example, that there is a think called half naked thursday? and it's been around for like three years? people post half naked photos of themselves on their blog. some are completely non-sexual--a foot, an elbow, etc. but then, c'mon, it's the internet, of course there are more risque photos. who knew?


broad minded said...

i am neutral.

Kristin.... said...

I am Good. Oh god.

creative kerfuffle said...

mwwwaaahhhhaa (that's my twisted, evil laugh). ya'll are wusses ; ) sweet t took it and was angelic.

Trish said...

I turned out good. Shocking!