Saturday, June 7, 2008

summer's here

omg. it was so damn hot today i can't even believe it. there was no sliding into summer for us here in nc. we went from 70s one week to 97 yesterday! 97.degrees. that's hot. i hate summer. i hate hot.

last night we went to a baseball game. yeah. us at a baseball game. we are not sports people. the hubs does not (thank god) watch sports. however, the kids won free tickets to the game through a reading program at school so we went. sitting on bleachers in the heat, even at 7pm, is not a fun thing to me. for the first oh i'd say about 5 innings i thought "we" were the team in black. ah, no. : ) thank god i wasn't cheering or anything. we left at the beginning of the 8th inning because the boy gave up trying to catch a ball and we were all pretty wilted by that point.

plus, could the concessions at a baseball game BE any more expensive? (imagine that in a perfect chandler bing voice thank you very much)4$ for a large drink? seriously?

plus while we were there the boy spent most of the time sitting w/ a friend sitting near us and the girl spent her time w/ a pack of girls from her school.

her being w/ that pack scared me. the pack was apparently free to roam the stadium at will on their own. we did not let the girl roam. she could hang out with them as long as they were in our section but i wasn't letting my fifth grader roam around. it was interesting to watch her though. she hangs back when she's in a crowd of girls. she tries desperately to fit it and this worries me to no end. she's so shy that she often comes off stuck up. the girls she was with, even at 11 yrs old so reminded me of those girls in high school that i HATED. those show offy girls that were so aware of themselves and knew people were watching them and so haughty. the hubs said, you haven't figured it out yet? those girls are going to be the sluts in high school. yes, he's blunt, but sadly, probably right. more reason for the girl not to roam with them.

this morning we went to an auction. the hubs has been into auctions for years and he's actually found a lot of cool stuff at them. today we got several different planters for the yard and a large plant stand (i'll take pics after we paint it), the girl got 5, unopened barbies (despite the fact that she put hers in the attic last year and hasn't played w/ barbies in forever) which she then opened, and a box of still in the box christmas ornaments. i love christmas ornaments : )

tomorrow i think the hubs might have the pool ready and we can swim. we put the pool in the middle of last summer so this is the first time we've opened a pool. fuck it's a lot of work. we put all the winterizing chemicals in it, had a cover on it etc. but still an assload of leaves got in there. there were some frogs. it's just been a pain. but hopefully tomorrow all will be well and we can get some relief from this sweltering heat.

did i mention i hate summer?


Kristin.... said...

Oh ha~I got the Chandler reference right away!

It's wicked hot here too. We don't have our a/cs in yet, so we're quite uncomfortable. I hate heat and humidity. It makes me more irritable than I usually am. :)

We have a pool, at our OTHER house. The kids had to live with the sprinkler this weekend.

creative kerfuffle said...

i can't imagine not having ac. i think i would certainly perish. i so would not have made a good pioneer woman.

Kristin.... said...

Oh no, I can't survive without a hairdryer, or a/c in the summer, or a fridge even. I'd be a lousy pioneer woman for sure.