Sunday, June 22, 2008

i'm judgemental

i admit it. i totally judge people by their musical preferences. and not only that, i judge them a little based on their PASSION for music. if someone doesn't have a favorite song, singer or band i wonder, silently, what is wrong with them.

there are musical extremists in my book and i blatantly judge them, although i know for a fact my judgements are incorrect.

for example. i have a first cousin who is in his late 20s and married. he has always made fun of my musical likes--prince, rod, phil collins, etc. while his musical tastes swerve into the marilyn manson genre. heavy, violent music i don't understand. i label people who hear (you can't listen to it) that music as violent and stupid, though my cousin is neither. but how can you hear music you can't understand the lyrics to?

country. this is a hard one because there really are a lot of country artists i love. mary chapin carpenter, patsy cline, johnny cash, the judds. plus, i grew up hearing a lot of the old country and like it too. however, i have found that typically teenagers who listen to country exclusively drive big ass trucks w/ gun racks on them, think flannel is appropriate for every season and wear cowboy hats or ball caps all of the time. and they're stupid. (you see the pattern here?) and they're usually racists and have no goals in life. (yes, i KNOW how horrible i'm sounding.)

those really are the only two genres i have strong opinions on.

well, no not really. classical. this too is a genre i can appreciate and do appreciate from time to time. though not strictly classical per se, the sound track to out of africa is so totally awesome. however, in my mind, people who exclusively listen to classical music are incredibly smart (and i aspire to be that smart) but they can also be holier than thou (uh, like i'm NOT being w/ this post?).

if someone told me their favorite band of all time was new kids on the block or the hanson brothers, gah, i'd say they're idiots.


Kristin.... said...

Thanks for the b-day ecard. LOVED it. :)

I love classical music, but I am quite snobbish about what I will listen to: no opera (kill me) and I hate piano concertos. But, I own I don't even know how many James Galway CDs, I've seen him in concert 3 times, and I would give anything to play like him. I love Mozart, and religiously listened to the same CD before EVERY law school exam. I'm a geek.

I listen to heavier rock: Zeppelin (it was the first and last band played at my wedding!), Aerosmith, etc. But I also listen to newer rock~Incubus, Three Doors Down, etc. Country is my least favorite, although my Ipod does contain Dixie Chicks.

So I'm not sure where my musical tastes lie. Hmmm.

creative kerfuffle said...

k--happy bday! : ) it sounds like you're all over the place like me. i'm not as familiar w/ classical but i like it. i should do a top 10 cd post or something.

Astarte said...

I think that what kind of music you listen to DOES say a lot about you. For instance, when I'm coming up to a stoplight and am listening to something that I would be embarrassed to be caught DEAD listening to (ie, Hanson on the radio) I quick change the channel. Ditto for country.

My favorite music depends on my mood and the day. I like just about everything from Big Band to Weezer, but some of my 'freeze the tuner in place' artists are Bon Jovi, Steve Miller Band, Ella Fitzgerald, Maroon 5, and anything Rob Thomas.

creative kerfuffle said...

my fave music also depends on my mood but i can sometimes improve my mood w/ the right music. your music tastes sound like mine.