Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the hubs' humor

here are just a few examples of the hubs' humor over the last two days. first, on father's day he said, "you know, when people are wishing you happy father's day, they're basically congratulating you for having sex." (he also says this about baby showers)

last night we were talking about the animal the dogs killed in the yard saturday. my google searching tells me it was most likely a ground hog : ( anyway, i said, "where do you think it came from?" the hubs said, "his father's penis originally." yes, this is not the first, nor the last time i'll hear this catchy come back.

need another laugh?

the boy has his own catch phrases, though is are cleaner of course. every night before he goes to bed he tells us each good night and kisses us (as does the girl) and then he says, "will you come check on me in a little bit?" he does this every single night without fail and has for as long as i can remember.

at dinner he often asks "so, what's going to be the dinner topic tonight?" last night out of the blue he asked, "are we part mexican?" i laughed, as i looked at my blonde-haired daughter and the light skin and freckles on both kids and the sun-burned hubs and said, "uh, no." i had to explain to him that even though two of his cousins are half-mexican (my sister's two kids by different dads) we are not.


Trish said...

this reminds me of the hubs theory about hugging other men's wives

broad minded said...

and what is that?

creative kerfuffle said...

i had to have trish refresh our memory (cos even the hubs didn't remember) on this one. the hug discussion happened after donut's wedding, when there was a lot of hugging going on. i am not clear on this memory but it was something like men like hugging women because they get to feel their boobs pressed up against them. men don't get upset when their wives are hugged because they know they will be hugging that guys wife too. there was also something about the different types of hugs, like side to side hugs, full frontal hugs, partial frontal hugs, etc. but i can't remember it.
after this and the post above you would think all the hubs thinks about is boobs, but truly it's not.

Anonymous said...

So what does that say about the last two or so times I saw the Hubs? He didn't give me a hug. :) Granted, there was no alcohol involved.

Sweet T