Thursday, June 5, 2008

how evil are you?

well, the lot of you goody two shoes took the test and were "angelic," "neutral," and "good." you can feel safe in knowing that i'm merely twisted.

the hubs took the test just now--he is pure evil. it says: "you are absolutely terrifying. your mere presence strikes fear into the hearts of everyone around you. there is no turning back. you are the definition of evil, and probaby work for an evil company like AOL.

see, i TOLD you i liked bad boys.

oh and in case you were wondering about that show jumpers? have you seen it advertised on tv? it's like quantum leap and that other show that the name is on the tip of your tongue. the one with the guy and the professor dude that looked like mr. french from family affair? i googled it. the guy was jerry oconnell (also in crossing jordan) and the show was....anyone anyone? sliders! god i love the internet.

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Kristin.... said...

That test was weird. At least I didn't come up "angelic". I guess it's my background as a lawyer...makes me a bit less heavenly!