Monday, June 16, 2008

ck trivia

1. i don’t like going barefoot. inside i wear slippers cos i’ve stepped on one too many legos or other toy parts over the years. outside, bees, rocks, dirt. i don’t like it. i like walking in nice, lush grass. ok, i like standing in it. i really don’t like being barefoot. this goes double for hotel rooms, even nice hotels. however, i love being barefoot on the beach.

2. i rarely sit in a chair w/ both feet on the floor. at least twice a week someone asks me what’s wrong w/ my foot/ankle or leg because it’s red because i’ve been sitting on it.

3. i can’t really chew gum w/out blowing bubbles.

4. i love floating in the pool, with my ears underwater, listening to the muffled voices above and staring up at the leaves against the backdrop of the blue sky.

5. the hubs and i once got sunburns so bad that we slept nekkid on separate couches for almost a week only moving to slather each other w/ that cooling blue gel.

6. we’ve been to disney world once (before we had kids) and i was under impressed. every ride seemed to be a boat in water w/ a different theme.

7. the dogs killed something in the yard this weekend. it was not an opossum. i do not know what it was. it was large and brown and dead. i put a garbage bag over it and picked it up. i cried.

8. i have a birthmark on my left thigh and another on my right foot on the second toe.

9. i have just recently discovered gouda and i want to marry it. i’m thinking gouda mac and cheese would be a slice of heaven.

10. i would like to learn to make yummy, homemade cole slaw.

11. one thing that makes me sad about my kids growing up is that they won’t remember everything. think about it. do you remember every single thing that happened to you as a kid? my kids love hearing stories about themselves, but they don’t remember the events. it makes me sad.

12. the boy and i played catch in the backyard last night (a first i’m not proud to say). it was actually fun until i hit him in the eye w/ the ball. he is fine and kept making a point to tell me it wasn’t my fault.

13. the girl has a freckle on her left ear lobe. i love that freckle.

14. when i went away to college the hubs gave me one of his shirts. for a long time i wore it as a pajama top and then (for reasons i can’t recall but i’m sure he does) i got pissed and shredded it. i was SUCH a bitch to him in the beginning. well, ok, for quite a long, long time actually.

15. with both pregnancies i was incredibly horny.

16. i am guy-like in that after sex i do not need to cuddle i just want to fall asleep.

17. i think it would be cool to have a rabbit or a pot bellied pig as a pet, but not right now.

18. i like watching jackass.

19. i think i could recognize the boy, the hubs and the girl by scent alone.

20. this weekend i had this sappy idea that the four of us should get matching t-shirts. we didn’t. yet.

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Kristin.... said...

Yep~ 1, 2 and 3. :)