Monday, February 5, 2007

Late night

Well, I thought the title of this post would be I've met the Boyfriend, but alas he did not show up at skate night. We had a moment of drama after we'd been there about 30 minutes and the Girl realized neither the Boyfriend nor her best friend were coming. She cried for a few minutes, pouted for about 20 and then all was ok. I did feel badly for her though, she was so disappointed.

I told my brother about my blog today. I thought I'd told him a year or so ago (has it really been that long ago that I started this?) but I guess not. Anyway I think he's going to read it so I should send him some props! : )

My brother and I have had an on and off friendship for most of our lives. I've written before about how I was distraught when he was born and how I pretended to be a twin one time, but there were so many other good/bad times. Basically after our sister was born I didn't like him because he picked on her and I saw myself as her caretaker. Then I went to college and I guess we both grew up. We had a few fun road trips, well, he probably didn't think the one was very fun. I was hung over as hell and driving home 5 hours with him in the car. I fell asleep in a tunnel and almost sent us over the side of a mountain. We have a lot of little history stories like that, the ones you always tell. After we were both married we went through some rough times and didn't speak for more than a year it seems, but after that our families became close. Initially I think we were drawn together because of a common enemy (though enemy is too strong of a word)--our parents and sister, but that passed after awhile and now we just genuinely enjoy each other's company. At least I think they enjoy our company!

His son is a year younger than the Boy and it's so amazing to see my Brother in his son. He's become a great dad, though there were a few times in the first year I wanted to brain him. Going to a football game on my Sister-in-Laws first Mother's Day! Boy be ashamed! : ) And my Sister-in-Law--she's a terrific mother. She's one of those moms that you can look at and tell they enjoy being with their kids. She's very quiet most of the time but I feel like she's come out of her shell a lot with us, or maybe it was just us getting to know her better. It's funny because when we're all sitting around a family get togther and, as our family is likely to do, throwing veiled insults at each other she'll nonchalantly zing one in there and every's just like, really? she said that! And dammit she always gets away with it!

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