Thursday, February 1, 2007

Boyfriends, NY and Poetic Justice

The Girl still has a boyfriend. She has given him her phone number. She has plans to buy him a Valentine present. I don't know if I'll make it through her teen years.

I went to NY and gave my presentation. I was scared shitless pretty much the whole week before; worried about everything. Would I have too few people there too many people there would I flub it up etc. Turns out it went fine even though I had a total of 7 attendees. At least it's done and I didn't throw up on stage.

A few interesting things happened while I was in the Big Apple. It was cold, first time I've been there in Jan. glad I don't go there a lot in Jan. Too cold. So the first night I'm in the hotel room and of course am having trouble getting to sleep, I'm in the bathroom taking off my makeup and hear the guy next door peeing and talking to what I assumed was his wife on the phone.

This was the conversation:
Yes, this is my last drink. Yes, I promise. Yes I'm going to finish watching this movie and go to bed.

All the while there's peeing in the background. Nice.

Next morning I'm getting in the shower and here a woman in the room with the man. The guy from the night before could have checked out I suppose and someone else checked in pretty quickly, but I doubt it. I think I aurally witnessed cheating.

One night as we were waiting for a cab in front of our hotel we noticed a S.W.A.T. team milling around. Of course we were nosey, not every day you see a S.W.A.T. team. There also was a black suburban with tinted windows double parked in front of the hotel and two guys with ear pieces standing by it. The S.W.A.T. team had big assed automatic weapons, helmuts and masks on so you could only see their eyes. The guns were not slung over their shoulders--they were holding them like they were ready to blow someone's head off. I was not comforted when the bellhop told us it was nothing to worry about because the cops as he called them, camped out at different hotels for an hour or so, just for security. I'm not buying it. Something was going down. the hotel was nice but it wasn't like some swanky place someone famous would stay so I'm curious about the suburban and its passenger as well. Drama.

I did get to visit with my friend TL in NY. I missed going to dinner with him because of work obligations but we did get to have coffee and catch up on "family" business.

Getting back home was good. Got home, Hubs came home, we took a nap and then it was off to a Scout meeting. The Boy participated in his first Pinewood Derby. If you ever have boys and they want to do this, beware. These races are really for the dad's who never let go of that competitive redneck streak they had in high school. The Hubs was shocked and disappointed that so many dads took over making the cars, something the boys are supposed to do. The Boy did 95% of the work on his car while other dads wouldn't even let their kids touch the damn things. The Hubs warned the Boy ahead of time he wasn't going to win but the fun came in making his own car etc. I was proud of the Boy because his car did win 3 out of 120 heats and he didn't throw a fit about it.

Last night we had a bit of poetic justice.
For the last several months the Hubs has been wearing two huge hats at work. One hat he's worn for about seven years and the other he's just worn about six months. Anyway, the old hat got passed off to someone else so the Hubs can concentrate on the new hat. This is much like what I went through last April when I traded in job hats. You're sad to leave the job you know you were good at and take on a new job you're not quite sure of and unclear of your direction. I so understand what he's going through. The poetic justice comes in that last night we watched the final episode of West Wing. The inauguration of the new president. Damned if I didn't cry : )

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