Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Flying high

This whole Van Morrison discovery has me flying high today (ok or maybe it's that the Hubs is coming home today, or it could be the bi-polar thing kicking in) so you may get several blog posts despite the fact that I have an ass-load of work to do.

I get daily emails of quotes and writer's stuff and this was in my email today. I thought it apprapo considering lyrics lure me into music.

"The Lyric" by Tom Clark, from Light & Shade: New and Selected Poems. © Coffee House Press. Reprinted with permission.

The Lyric
lament, sorrow and wild
joy commingle in
the lyric — a collective
sigh of relief comes cascading
out of the blue —
a yearning to submerge
in life like the swimmer
in the pool forgetful
immersed and quenched —
water trailing scattered
diamonds in a rustling
voice of resigned subsidence
as though in the same stroke
everyone alive were speaking through you —

Side note--though Rod is coming in May I might not get to see him. Cheap tickets are starting at $100--WTF?


Whistler said...

Do I need to record more Van Morrison cd's for you? BigT

Anonymous said...

YES! Please please please! I need more Van! I will give you CDs!!