Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Date

OMG, I'm waiting on the family to call me back but I did talk briefly to the Girl.

The Girl: Daddy said you wanted me to call and tell you about my date.
Me: Yeah.
The Girl: So, what do you want to know?
Me: Well, how did it go? (dying with excitement for her and butterflies in my stomach at the same time).
The Girl: I think it went well.
Me: !!!So what happened, tell me about it. (Wondering why she's not gushing with excitement to tell me every detail!!!)
Me: Was the movie good?
The Girl: Yeah, I liked it.
More prodding from me brought out that yes, the Boyfriend and her best friend were there and they sat together, Girl in the middle, and the Hubs and the Boy sat somewhere behind them.
She liked the movie but there were parts that "just weren't necessary" according to her--they saw The Bridge to Terebithia.
Me: So, did you hold hands?
The Girl: Yes.
Me: (this is like pulling teeth to get any info) so did you like it?
The Girl: Yes, it was nice.
Me: Did you reach for his hand or did he reach for yours?
The Girl: He was feeling around in the chair trying to find mine so he went first, it was near the end of the movie.
Me: What did Daddy say?
The Girl: He didn't say much. I told him we held hands and he said he was going to go whop him.
Me: He didn't try to kiss you did he? (Thinking if he did I'd have to get on a plane tonight and go kick his butt!)
The Girl: NO!

Talking to the Hubs I got the rest of the story. She wasn't all giddy and excited like I thought she'd be, didn't primp before going to the movies or anything. She did tell the Hubs that the Boyfriend had sweaty hands. I hope to get more details and the rest of the story tomorrow when I get home.

I hate travelling. So far I've been out of town twice when the Boy lost a tooth, his first two and now the Girl's first "date." I need to win the lottery so I can quit my job!

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