Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Crazy love

I felt like I've been under a musical rock, in a dark, empty cave, that is until this morning when I found a Van Morrison CD (Moondance) that my friend Big T had recorded for me quite awhile ago.

Where has he been all my life? Turn it up--a little bit higher, radio, so you know...ok, sorry listening and typing. I'm excited. His voice is incredible, lyrics like honey, melody like smooth chocolate. I think he may just rival Marvin (Gaye that is) for sensual music. Why is Barry White always synonymous with music to hump by? Have people not discovered Van Morrison? Let's get the word out people! Your mission, if you've not experienced Van Morrison, and I'm not talking just casually listening to it, I'm talking experiencing it, do so NOW.

We were born before the we sail into the mystery...mmmmmmmmmm


Question--I'm wondering if women typically prefer male singers and men female singers? This seems to be true at least in my house. Is it because your musical preferences (for the most part) are formed during your own formative years (teens) and at that time its the looks of the singer that also draw you in? Don't know. I know that most of the music I listen to--Rod, Motown, Train, Counting Crows, (now) Van, etc. are all male with distinctive voices. This is not to say I don't love me some Carly Simon, Tina Turner or Cyndi Lauper or Nora Jones (very soulful) but the day to day listening pleasure comes from male singers. The Hubs prefers girl bands--I think he'd jump for joy if the Bangles got back together : ) Is it the pheromones talking or is it because that's what attracted you to music as a teen or is it something else? Interesting. Ponder that awhile.

Total non sequitors:
1. If you read the previous post about my folks and got depressed or felt like saying, oh, I'm so sorry for you, don't. Really, it was not written to get sympathy, just to expose the patheticness (is that a word? not according to spellcheck) that often surrounds me. I know for a fact that pretty much all families have some level of dysfunction. We children of dysfunctional families band together, this is one reason I'm an honorary member of my friend TL's family : ) When you share these stories that no one in their right mind is likely to believe it somehow makes you feel better to realize that as fucked up as your own family is you aren't rowing that boat alone.

2. I have discovered and love cilantro. I think I'd chop that shit up and eat it in just about anything now. I must admit that while I'm totally over the traveling I do for work and would not shed a tear if I never had to do it again, it has exposed me to things I'd never tried before. Sushi, edamame, guacamole, dirty martinis, bagels w/ lox (who knew cream cheese, salmon, capers and tomatoes were so freakin' yummy?) and lychee nut martinis. I also discovered that as much as I love spinach I don't like fried spinach. That's just wrong on way too many levels.

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