Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Also live from AZ

Most of you are all probably sound asleep since it's almost 3 a/m at home.

I'm so ready to come home, see the Boy's new haircut, cuddle up on the couch with the Hubs and watch some West Wing and find out how tomorrow's date with the Boyfriend went with the Girl. Being out of town blows most of the time. I always have a hard time falling asleep in hotels.

I did go to a casino tonight. After dinner a group was going to a nearby Indian reservation, which in itself makes me sad. Hey, sorry we stole all of your land but you can have this desolate piece of dirt in the middle of nowhere and you can run a gambling casino to make money. What was even more depressing was that it's a Monday night and the place was fairly packed with what looked to be locals. Gambling away their grocery money or daycare for the week.

I lost a whopping $20 on the slots. I don't know why I bother, I never win anything. It's such a scam.

When I got here the first day I got lost coming to the hotel. One thing I hate about traveling is renting a car and driving. First, it's not your car so you don't know where all the stuff is or anything about the car. Second, no matter how good your directions are (at least for me) I always turn one way when you're supposed to turn the other way. So I'm driving along and see a sign saying 300+ miles to L.A. at that point I realized I needed to turn around. Coming back the other way the sign said X miles to Tuscon. That made me smile because the Hubs joked that I should go visit his ex---the girl he dated seriously before he met me.

We'd actually talked about that before I came out here, not that I'd go see her but about exes etc. When we first started dating of course I hated her. I wanted to read all the letters she'd written him, know everything about her etc. but after awhile I got over that. I think I have a tendency to be a little possessive and jealous : ) Of course then we had to talk about my exes. But exes isn't really a good word because while I was in college and the Hubs and I were not dating, but still talking, I didn't necessarily "date" it was more like "visiting."

There was one guy, however, that the Hubs to this day said he'd like to kick his ass. Oddly enough I didn't really date him either since he had a girlfriend when we met and others during most of the time I knew him. We connected though but were much too much alike. He couldn't make up his mind what he wanted and I got tired of waiting.

I think one thing I realized when we were having that conversation is that opposites really do attract. You might initially be attracted to someone more like you, but that particular relationship never would have lasted. The Hubs and I are opposites in so many ways but I think that when everything is said and done you need someone who's your opposite to make you stronger, to fill in the gaps where you're lacking, to complete you. Being with someone who's too much like you leaves so many holes and leaves so much of life left unexplored. I think, for the most part, at least for me, there are really few people in your life who you can totally let your guard down with, who you feel completely comfortable with in every regard. Sure, you have best friends but even they don't know all of your secrets. It's the people in your life that know all the dirty laundry and who still love you that remain by your side.

Sorry, didn't mean to get philosophical but it's late, I am tired, but can't sleep.

I also think I'm having Van withdrawals. There's no CD player in the room and I can't get it to work on my laptop. I did get to hear 3 songs briefly today on the way to lunch. Which, brings me to another point--I have an addictive nature. It's hereditary.


Whistler said...

You will have 3 new Van cd's when you return to the office. One of them, Van Morrison with Georgie Fame and Friends, will actually qualify as JAZZ!

creative kerfuffle said...

OMG Thank you! While I've been gone our CDs from the CD club came in and I got Astral Weeks! I will be in Van Heaven! You ROCK Big T!

Whistler said...

The other 2 are a 2 disc set (so is that i or 2?) The Philospher's Stone.
Now I should get to copy your Astral Weeks!
-Big T