Wednesday, July 28, 2010

watch out, the bullets are flying

  • i got a call this afternoon for an interview on friday. it is w/ a company i interviewed w/ earlier this year, though for a different position. this one is a step back position. well, it is a step back from a job i no longer have so i guess technically a job is a step up, regardless of what it is right? at this point, if they offer me the job and the money isn't ridiculously lower than what i was making and there are benefits i will take it. i will probably keep looking, but i will take it.
  • the boy tested for his brown belt tonight. up until now all of his belt tests have been part of the class, but since this was his first advanced belt he tested alone, after class. my bro and gameboy came to watch. up until now the boy really hasn't cared if anyone other than the hubs, girl and i were there when he tested for a new belt, but this one was important to him and i'm really glad my bro and gameboy could come.
  • sweet baby jebus but i think the girl and i are starting to "cycle" together, if you get my drift. today i have had the narcolepsy feeling i typically get about a week before. the girl had a melt down tonight because we have been stuck in the house all summer. despite the fact that we've done a variety of fun things, we haven't gone on vacation, gone out of town, etc. i know it's hard and not fun (god do i know) but there's little to do for it. her friends are vacationing and traveling and she's not and it blows. this is our life right now. not much else we can do at this point.
  • for some reason i am reading two books at the same time right now. i'm not sure i've ever had two books going at the same time. bizarre.
  • there was a whirlwind extended family weekend this past weekend in wv that we didn't make it to. i knew when the weekend was planned that we most likely would not be able to go, which is fine. there was a wedding shower for one of my younger cousins who is getting married in september; there was a surprise retirement breakfast for his mom (one of my aunts) and one of my other cousins had her c-section on monday. my aunts and mom were bubbling on facelibre about all the great things happening in our family that weekend and how they've tentatively planned a reunion for next summer. today two of my aunts were leaving wv and going to ga to one of the aunt's houses and i joked they should stop here (which is on their way and about half way) since they always comment about not seeing us/our kids (they've never seen my niece puddin' who is TWO). but of course they didn't comment or stop or make any gesture. it always amazes me that my extended family is all about some family bonding time etc. so long as they don't have to be the ones to make the effort. never mind that my sil and i have repeatedly said we can't come visit because of the jobless situation, etc. i just shake my head. whatev.
  • i know my kids are tired of being stuck w/ me day in and day out and not being able to go on vacation because they are starting to get on my nerves. of course this might be pms but at least 20 times today i screamed (in my head of course) shut the fuck up! because really, one, if not both of them talked non-stop today. or sang. or just made noise in general. if i go into another room or out on the patio, whoosh, there they are. day. srsly.
  • last night i watched an episode of wife swap. i don't watch this with any regularity but last night...omfg. one couple was a pair of 30-something manhattan millionaire yuppies and the other was an rural nj couple older than me. the ny mom did not work and had a driver, cook, made and THREE nannies (one for each kid i assume) and she TRIED TO CARVE OUT AN HOUR EACH DAY TO SPEND WITH HER KIDS. are you fucking kidding me? she and her husband ate out every night, together, while the nannies fed the kids and put them to bed. holy hell. the nj woman drove a bus, had a wood splitting business and cleaned/cooked for her husband and two kids. shows like that make me insane.


cheatymoon said...

We are having a very low finance summer as well. I think my son is ok with it since his dad took him on vacation. I am NOT ok with it, though. :-)

Congrats to the boy on the brown belt. I wish my boy still did karate.

I knew you would get an interview. Hmmm. This could be it, eh? Not your dream, but a start.

I always read at least 2 books at a time.

justsomethoughts... said...

i have no desire to watch that show in general, but that specific one sounds like a winner.

congrats to the newly belted one.

Penny said...

I took a job with no benefits and 15K less than I made before because I was so DESPERATE. I am still looking for something else and I wish I could quit! I hope something good comes out of this! You deserve it!

Surely said...

I remember when I was little my mom would wax the kitchen floor which would apparently require us to be outside ALL DAY. There wasn't any coming inside for anything.

Yeah, I don't think she was waxing the kitchen floor.

Wife Swap...I swear it's a sign of the Apocolypse. What an awful show.

I won't acknowledge the other thing so there's no jinx...(:-D

Anonymous said...

Given what you've shared about the NY mom, the kids are probably better off spending time with the nannies! I can't imagine. I have watched that show before, and it drove me nuts. Trainwreck!

I feel a bit like the Girl when it comes to my summer lack-of-plans. I have been on the remote verge of a tantrum because I haven't had a vacation to speak of. While I don't envy you being home most of the time, I would like a break for a week or two! One week away, and one week at home to catch up on projects would be ideal. Yeah, like that's gonna happen anytime soon!

Sweet T

Just B said...

I think cycling together was inevitable...

I will be sending positive thoughts your way all day today!!!! I hope it's a job worth taking, too.