Thursday, July 15, 2010

busted and a few random thoughts

the kids and i had been stuck in the house all week because one of the cars was in the shop. we got it back last night so today we actually got to venture out (don't get too excited it was just to tarjay and the grocery store).

since we'd been house-bound all week i bypassed my normal garb (shorts and a t) and actually put on a skirt and summer top (yeah, i'm sooooo wild!).

before we made it out the door, the hubs popped in from work for a minute. who knew that skirts were such a turn on? one thing led to another and we had a little behind-closed-door session. i'd forgotten what nooners were like since the kids have been out of school.

when we emerged from the bedroom the girl totally busted us.

"now that you've finished your booty call are we ready to go?" (yeah, it doesn't get much more mortifying than that)

we totally denied it (though i doubt she believed us). my question is---how do the duggers ever get enough alone time to produce 19 kids? kids really crimp your sex life.

random stuff
i've started making a concerted effort to offer more healthy eating options in this house. a few weeks ago i stopped making sweat tea, limited the kids soda intake, etc. i'm reading this book, cook this, not that and trying to get ideas from that as well. we all need to get healthier, but incorporating that into our life isn't as easy as i'd thought. and, why are the healthier options always more expensive? i don't get that at all.

yesterday i took a copy editing test online for this freelance web site. i submitted my test--it was just correcting grammar, punctuation, etc. they emailed me last night--i FAILED. wtf??? really. i can copy edit in my sleep. no, i'm not the best speller but i know how to use a dictionary. but really? that was a blow i didn't need at the moment.

out of the blue the hubs and i decided to have a party in a couple of weeks. it's something to look forward to. he said, not so jokingly, that it's our last hurrah. i'm not going to think like that. i haven't seen anyone other than the hubs/kids for months (except for the bro/sil/kids once in awhile). that can't be good for anyone.


Hotch Potchery said...

Mr. P and I talk about the healthier stuff being so much more expensive...we didn't start eating as well as we do now until we didn't have to pay for the kids too!

Not really a great model to follow.

cheatymoon said...

Ack - being busted can't be fun. Mortifying doesn't begin to describe it. ACK.

glad you're having a party to look forward to.

Anonymous said...

Was the Girl not mortified? I would've been, if it had been me. Looking forward to the par-tay. :)

Sweet T

Antoinette Meaterson said...

I'm totally a grammar nazi, so is it funny or just bitchy of me to have found a couple spelling errors in a post where you talk about failing a copy test?

I'll go away now.