Friday, July 9, 2010

thoughts from my brain

*i asked the boy if he wanted to go to the library today. he said, no, not really. it's complicated. i have this weird thing where i don't like to check books out because i know i have to read them in a certain amount of time. then i have to take them back and i really like to OWN them.

*we have sunk more money into the cars this week than i really care to even think about. two tires for each car. brakes and rotors for the hubs' car. oil change and tranny flush on mine (sounds dirty huh?) and, the hubs just called me saying the driver's side window on his car will not go up (thank you non-working power window). apparently sending good karma out into the universe by donating the car we had to replace was an epic fail.

*last night the hubs said he read an article about australia recruiting emigrants. their population is aging and they need people. i googled it. there are all kinds of pro-aussie web sites looking for workers. a tiny part of my brain got excited about the idea (there is a wanderlust in me) but damn that's far away.

*i have had a little bit of freelance work the last couple of weeks. one of the jobs was writing a slew of press releases. to me this is perhaps one of the easiest writing tasks ever--it is basically slinging fluff about stuff. it is also perhaps one of the writing tasks that i hate above all others. but, it meant a little money and right now (see car repairs above) that's a good thing. the other job was an article for a local publication on a new business. this pub crawls all over my journalism ethics because the only businesses they write about are businesses that buy ads in the mag. the articles have to be approved by the business owners. it's kind of like whoring in journalism. again, not something i enjoy, is what it is. plus, i'm pretty sure i make more money whoring in journalism than i would just whoring.

*i am trying desperately not to hate people who are vacationing (a guy the hubs works w/ is on a two week trip to egypt and other places, ending in paris---yeah, i hate him. but not really because he's one of the few nice people the hubs works w/). i am also trying desperately not to stick hot pokers in people's eyes who say---oh i would love to be home enjoying the summer. or, hey why don't you come visit us? it wouldn't cost anything. uh...gas, food, dog boarding--that shit ads up.

*we watched the princess bride the other night. the girl hated it (she said it was predictable); the boy liked it only because andre the giant was in it. ah...some day, some day they will appreciate the things i do. at least some of them.

*three weeks ago i stopped making sweet tea. i was an addict. i'd make a pitcher and drink it all in a day or two. i have switched to water. i did make a pitcher of tea over the 4th of july weekend and did have a few glasses but i actually dumped almost half a pitcher out today. i have reduced the kids' soda consumption as well. this all happened around the time i went to the dr for my eye. since then i have lost three pounds.

*i am hoping something, anything, good happens to prevent this weekend from being me wallowing in angst and self pity.


Just B said...

Ah, my fellow wallower...

Love Princess Bride! If only someonw was following me saying, "As you wish..."

I have also weighed the whoring over journalism whoring pay scale.

Have a great weekend!!

cheatymoon said...

Princess Bride is solidly in my top 5 movies.

I understand your journalism/writing woes, though when I did newspaper publishing stuff, I slunk up the ladder from copy editing, to layout, to composition and production, until finally advertising. More $ and easier to find jobs (moved around a lot w/ AF hubs).

Love the Australia idea.

We drink seltzer water here. Not even diet soda (unless I'm desperate for caffeine).

I stopped going to the library for similar reasons. Goodwill has a good selection of trade paperbacks for cheap.

Have a fabulous weekend, CK. xo

justsomethoughts... said...

between the tranny flush, and the sort of journalism you're doing...

am i sensing a pattern here ?

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I have tried to reduce my beverage-sugar intake this past week, too.

I have vacation envy, but for different reasons. :)

Hope your spirits are high this week! I don't really envy you being home for so long. I would go nuts! I know you've had you ups and downs, but overall I think you've handled it way better than I would!

Love, Sweet T