Monday, July 12, 2010

why my future dil will hate me

(note--yes, this is two posts back to back. when i am frazzled this is how my brain works. i flit from one thing to the other. it's just after 1 pm and i've already played a few games of scrabble slam w/ the kids, cleaned some windows, changed the kitty litter and started cleaning both bathrooms, completed two loads of laundry and showered.)

if the boy remains on the course he's currently on, my future dil will loathe me. he is a pig. last week he spent the better part of two days, off and on, cleaning his room. it should be noted that he took on this chore w/ no prompting from me. i can only assume that once things get to a certain point even pigs feel a need to clean. he organized. he put things away. it looked presentable (except i'm sure there was a whole world under his bed that didn't get touched)...for about an hour.

he leaves a trail throughout the house. cracker wrappers. empty glasses. shoes. wrestling figures. sketch pads and pencils. i am forever telling him to clean up any room he's just left.

just so my future dil knows, i am constantly working on this.

the hubs is in charge of the hygiene and bathroom habits. he's constantly telling the boy---either lift the seat when you take a leak or have the courtesy to wipe the piss off of the seat when you're done. hopefully as he gets older his aim will improve. he is also reminded to wipe the toothpaste out of the sink when he brushes. if i could put toothpaste back in a tube i could make a new tube from the crap he spits (and leaves) in the sink. would it be nasty? hell yes, but i could still make a tube.

the icing on the cake spewed forth from his mouth yesterday. the boy, hubs and i were in the pool. the girl does not swim during certain times of the month because she has not yet become comfortable w/ certain feminine hygiene products. she loves grossing her brother out, so when he asked why she wasn't swimming she told him. the boy was grossed out. swimming around in the pool he informed us that when he gets married he is going to send his wife away whenever she is on her period because he doesn't want blood in his house. i informed him that this would be approximately one week out of every month. he graciously amended his statement to say that when she was on her period he would go to maui for a week.

i have much work to do.


Antoinette Meaterson said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....that made me laugh out loud. Best of luck to you Momma.

Fragrant Liar said...

I raised all girls. And I'm glad.

drollgirl said...

boys are a BIG project, no?! bahhahahah

Surely said...

My parents used to threaten to throw away anything left behind. Perhaps that would work? (:-D

Either that or dump all the stuff left in his wake on his bed. Or maybe that wouldn't bother him?

Boys are gross. hahahah

Kristin.... said...

Boys are yucky. Of course, at some point in the future, I'll have 3 daughters in sync with their periods and I'll want to go hang with my boy. :)

Penny said...

Oh dear..Eli is still a cute tiny little boy but soon enough that will change.. AGH

Just B said...

thanks for the smile today--that was funny! (I'll email my comments on the previous post)