Monday, July 5, 2010

it's july already!

how did it get to be july already? really?

the last several days we have had the most amazing weather---70s during the day, breezy. if this was how summer was every day i would LOVE it. alas, it is not. the cooler temps did allow me to get the yard back under control. the riding lawn mower is in the shop, hopefully to get the blades replaced so when it's hotter than hell outside we won't have to push mow.

we had a good july 4th weekend. went to the zoo saturday w/ my sil, bro and the kids. weather was nice, we got to see them feed the lions and the kids had fun. they've added lemur island to our zoo, however there are only 3 lemurs and we could barely see them. i like the fact that our zoo (rated one of the best in the country) has wide open natural habitats for the animals, however, sometimes (like saturday) you don't really get to see much of the animals.

sunday the bro and his family came over for fourth celebrations. we went against the grain and didn't cook out and have all of the typical 4th foods--we had seafood gumbo instead : ) then instead of going into town and watching the fireworks we put some off at the bottom of our driveway instead. the hubs picked up some REAL fireworks in sc this week when he was working there (our nc fireworks are ok, but they can't go up in the air or be the type that you can throw etc.). it was pretty fun. good, relaxing day and evening. puddin' declared it to be "HAPPY FIREWORKS!"

the hubs and i stayed up talking late into the night. there are car repairs to be done, bills to pay, we speculated on the future and how much longer we can hold on. it was one of those long, all over the place talks we haven't had in a long time.

we talked about my folks and the hubs shared a theory he has about them. he thinks that at this point in life my mom would probably get mad if my dad quit drinking. because of their work schedules and his drinking when he gets home from work in the afternoon, she probably only sees him for about 20 minutes a day during the work week. then he's off to bed and she can stalk people on fb and watch tv. they might see each other for a few hours on the weekend, but i doubt they actually spend much time in the same room. if he were to have an epiphany and sober up she'd actually have to talk to him and do things w/ him. i never thought about it that way, but it does make sense. plus she wouldn't have her family feeling sorry for her because she's married to a drunk.

we talked about jobs and how i still haven't found one. one of the vps in the company the hubs works for also owns his own mexican restaurant. he asked the guy if he needed any help because i could wait tables and the hubs could work in the kitchen. the guy laughed and said no, plus the fact that we are not mexican (uh, neither is he.) so i got to thinking---you never see a caucasian working in a mexican or chinese restaurant. why is that? why is that accepted? how can they say they are equal opportunity employers? hmmmm.

today we are having tires put on the cars and some other maintenance done. so much for any financial breathing room we thought we might have this month. the girl is fussing because we never do anything or go anywhere (apparently it was her clone that was hanging out w/ us this weekend). she is bored (doesn't want to swim or jump on the trampoline or go ride her bike). EVERYONE she knows is either going to the beach or san fran or some place cool and she's stuck here. boo fucking hoo. i do understand that they get bored and they want to do something exciting during the summer or go on a vacation or do something that's not local, but they also know i'm not working, we're trying to watch money etc. it's hard being a kid (especially when they forget whatever they've just done and they fun they've just had) but it's also hard being the parents.

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cheatymoon said...

What is it with the super fast culture our kids are immersed in? How can they be in the thick of SO MUCH and still be bored?
I remember being this age, and I remember being a little bored once in a while, but I would never tell my parents! They'd find a chore for me (which is my answer to my child). I was grateful to have to long stretch of summer to read books... sorta like now. :-)

Um, unfluff is the word veri, and that is just weird.