Friday, July 16, 2010

my sweet baby boy

i just realized i neglected to inform the blogiverse that the boy and his karate girl friend broke up. it happened about two weeks ago.

before class one night she was talking about justin bieber. for those of you over 12 and w/out 12-yr olds in your house you may not know who he is. he's a young teenie bopper who has the most girly looking hair imaginable. the boy made a comment besmirching jb and his girlfriend got pissed. evidently, really pissed. she didn't speak to him for the rest of the class.

on the way home the girl called us and said the boy had a text msg from his gf (he'd left his phone at home). she broke up w/ him because he dissed jb. wow. fortunately the boy took it well and shrugged it off. so much for summer love.

today the kids and i were swimming and lord knows how, but they started talking about life science and how the boy would have to learn about this stuff in 5th and 6th grade. the boy then admitted to us that, before our pool convo the other day about feminine hygiene, he thought everyone had a penis. (i'll let that sink in a for a minute).

back? yeah. my 10 year old son just recently figured out that not everyone has a penis. i don't even know what to say about that. it blows my mind.

i thought of only a movie today because not long ago she told me to make a list of what i wanted out of a job. just write it down. i didn't do that exactly (but i will). but today i did post on fb...friday, bring me something positive. this afternoon one of the places i sent a resume to called and asked me a few questions and asked me to send some writing samples. i am not not not not getting my hopes up. i'm really not. but it was something positive. i asked for something positive and got it.


cheatymoon said...

Hey for positive things! I should keep my own counsel because I am having a decidedly un-positive day.

Your boy's comment made me giggle though. xo

Just B said...

Wow--all I have to say that is thank god I don't have a penis!!

Although, don't we see the world the way we want to and make wrong assumptions all the time?? I do.

Gal Friday said...

I NEEDED a good laugh today, --reading that your son admitted that he once thought EVERYONE had a penis made me laugh.