Monday, July 5, 2010

signs of summer

tiki torches by the pool

cooler weather, at least for a few days

dead soldiers from july 4th

strobe lighting fireworks make for interesting pics

lush vegetation at the zoo

lion eyeing the zoo keeper who's about to drop a snack into his habitat. nom, nom, nom.

flamingos! (i may be the only person i know who would really put a plastic pink one in their yard. kitschy but kinda cool. i don't have one, but some day i might.)

interesting flowers at the zoo--look like pink pineapple


cheatymoon said...

Love your photos. I need to get my camera out. Not feeling it. Ack.

Gal Friday said...

Hey! Visuals!
Very cool summer images, c.k.!

Tiki torches by a pool--now THAT says summer to me. :-)

I kid you not--my verification word is...retch!

Just B said...

I love both tiki torches and tacky pink flamingoes!

justsomethoughts... said...

pretty as postcards