Monday, July 19, 2010

wastin' time

i heard this song on the radio the other day, sittin' on the dock of the bay by otis redding, and immediately thought of top gun.

i can't remember when the movie came out exactly, but i distinctly remember watching it on video over and over and over again one weekend when i was a junior in college and living w/ one of my aunts and her husband. this might have been the same weekend i nearly blew up their microwave by over cooking a baked potato, but maybe not.

i loved that movie. loved tom cruise. love goose. loved meg ryan. loved the music and the famous, luscious volleyball scene that included more six packs than a convenience store cooler. (that might have been the scene i watched over and over again, i don't remember). i bawled when goose died. bawled. (and was so happy when he showed up on ER so many years later).

despite the fact that i really cannot whistle i still try to whistle when otis whistles in that song. i can't help myself. it's actually kind of a sad song if you really listen to the lyrics, and yet it makes me feel good when i hear it.

as for tom cruise. i don't even like to watch him in movies any more. risky business, the firm, top gun...i liked those movies. vanilla sky? eyes wide shut? i still don't know what the hell those movies were about. now i can't get passed his antics in real life enough to watch him in a movie. he's turned me off.

are there celebs who you once liked that have turned you off? i have a hard time watching sean connery too (even though i think he was the best 007 of them all) once i read that he was a wife beater.


Hotch Potchery said...

I'm completely over Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson. I never heard that about Sean Connery.

cheatymoon said...

I used to quite like Matthew McConaughey... Now, notsomuch.

Tom Cruise is downright creepy. I enjoyed him in Rain Man. That might have been it for me.

Anonymous said...

I like Tom Cruise better when he plays "characters," like in Magnolia. When he's playing a part that's supposed to be the good guy and save the world, he gets on my nerves.

I still like Matthew McConaughey.

I have never liked Ray Liotta, since I saw him as a creepy cop in Unlawful Entry, or something like that. Can't get past that character.

Sweet T

Penny said...

Oh man I LOVED Tom Cruise, LOVED him. I thought he was so awesome, and now I think he is super creepy and in a cult.

I also loved Top Gun, I thought it was so hott, and now I can't watch it with out thinking how homo erotic it is and I never noticed as a kid!

drollgirl said...

top gun was a rad movie way back when when tom cruise seemed like a good guy. a NORMAL guy. he hasn't seemed like that in a LONG time.

this probably goes without saying, but mel gibson has been in the dog house for YEARS now, and i don't think he'll ever recover.

Surely said...

You know what bothers me is watching the films after someone has died. I can't watch Phil Hartman movies/shows, it breaks my heart.

Otherwise I can't think of anyone...which means it will pop up as soon as I click "publish"

And is there an Otis Redding song in Top Gun? (:-D

Gal Friday said...

"are there celebs who you once liked that have turned you off?

Mel Gibson

Like movie, I liked Cruise in "Rain Man", but think that is the only movie I have ever seen with him in it. Wait--he was in "Tropic Thunder"!(uncreditied) and I thought he was great in that film.