Wednesday, July 21, 2010

these things i love...words

if we ever do have to move one of my requirements will be to move to a town with an incredible library. ours is adequate. here are the books i chose today:

collected poems of ee cummings
the prophet--kahlil gibran
best friends forever--jennifer weiner (and no, i didn't pick it just because her last name is weiner and i giggled to myself when i read it and thought that if i had that last name in real life i would have chosen something else as a nom de plume)
the highlander--elaine coffman (it is categorized as historical romance. i'm a sucker for a passionate story that involves plaid. hey at least there is a sword, some heather and a castle on the front not a shirtless rogue and a voluptuous maiden.)

and at costco i found eat, pray, love--elizabeth gilbert (yes, i have been sucked in by the movie trailers and it looks like a movie i'd like so i want to read the book first. costco is selling it for $2-3 less than either the evil empire or tarjay)

earlier this week i finished joe hill's 20th century ghost stories and am pleased to report i have found a new author to follow. of course part of me is swayed by the fact that he is stephen king's son, but, hill is a compelling story teller, much like his dad and i didn't find myself thinking about stephen king at all when i read it. the genre may be similar to king's, but, hill stands on his own. last night i started reading his critically acclaimed, the heart shaped box. i'll let you know if i love him as much when i finish this one.

at costco today there was a woman, maybe in her early 30s, certainly younger than me, w/ three little girls ranging in age from about 5-10. my kids like going to costco because of the samples, and i have to admit those samples have influenced us to buy products before. anyway--one of the sample stations had chicken nuggets. i know, not really one of those wow new foods you'd expect to find at a sampling station. the woman's daughters tried the nuggets and while two skipped along down the aisle the other stayed w/ her mom and they discussed the nuggets. my two urchins were talking and so distracting me, but from what i could gather in aural periphery they decided to buy the nuggets and the woman was falling all over herself thanking the sample maker because she finally found something her daughter liked. they are nuggets. one of the staples of the house when you have kids. later we crossed their path on another aisle. she was loading FIVE giant cartons of goldfish (the cracker) into her cart. FIVE. now, we like goldfish here. i didn't think costco's price was much better than what i'd find at the grocery store. why would you buy FIVE giant cartons at one time? is that ALL her picky eater will eat? even so, do you only shop once every six months? her cart wasn't full enough for that premise. i doubt she worked in or operated a daycare because she was shopping in the middle of the week w/ her kids. maybe.....maybe they were aliens. that could account for the fascination w/ the nuggets and the need for so many goldfish. there, mystery solved.


justsomethoughts... said...

i am intrigued by costco woman

personally, i shop a few times a week
i like my food fresh
much like the person(s) eating it

anyway, nice library selections y'got there

cheatymoon said...

A think they were aliens. Makes sense to me.

I have purchased a boat load of books at Goodwill and Borders clearance lately. I have not business buying new books. I just can't stop.

Let me know how yours go. I enjoyed Eat, Pray, Love. It's not gonna change your life, but its a nice indulgent story. xo

Anonymous said...

I recently finished 20th Century Ghosts, too. I did find myself thinking of Stephen King a lot, but not really because of the writing or stories, just based on the father-son connection. I enjoyed the range Hill displayed in the collection, and found myself referring back to the intro, to see what that person (who I'd never heard of ) had to say about each story. I haven't started the other on yet. I'm reading Under the Tuscan Sun right now.

I just finished South of Broad (Pat Conroy) and was disappointed. I have loved his other books, but this one was too much. Too flowery, characters were over the top. Just too much! I did finish it, though.

Sweet T

Surely said...

As I was reading about the COSTCO woman, all I could imagine was Third Rock from the Sun. So yes, I think they are aliens.

I CANNOT go down the book/music aisle when I go to COSTCO. Too. Much. Temptation.

drollgirl said...

that is a whole lot of goldfish! i mean A WHOLE LOT OF GOLDFISH! cripes!