Wednesday, July 14, 2010

hypothetically speaking

if you could live anywhere you wanted...where would it be?

what brought you to the place you live now?

these discussions are happening more and more in our house these days. i don't know what the future will bring, and when it doesn't resemble anything you hoped or planned for it is...terrifying? what's an extreme word for worrisome? unnerving? how about it scares the shit out of me?

i'm the reason we ended up in nc, basically forcing the hubs to move here. we were living together at the time in OK and i told him i wouldn't get married unless we moved to nc (where my family was). at that time the economy in OK was tanking and in nc it seemed to be booming. of course we were young, not yet set in a career path so looking that time we probably could have moved anywhere and found jobs. there were fewer strings then. no kids, no house.

i honestly don't know where else i'd like to LIVE. there are tons of places i'd like to see and visit, but i'm not sure about setting down roots. it is not that i am so enamored w/ nc that i can't think about leaving. i just really don't even know where to start thinking about being.


cheatymoon said...

We live here because my ex-husband lived here when my son was small. I wanted the boy to be able to see his dad every day and thought that the other half and I commuting the hour in the car made more sense than a kid commuting an hour to see a parent.
Now my ex lives 3 states away... Oh well.
I like where we settled anyway, because I do have a sister who lives nearby, and the rest of my family is only a couple of hours away...
I bet you'd still want to live close enough to visit some family, right?
Thinking good thoughts for you on this... I now it is worrying/unnerving, ack.

drollgirl said...

oh god. this is a tough one.

i moved to l.a. to go to college and to get away from family. i have been here about 18 years now. whenever i think of leaving, i run into the same discussion of wherever i go will have cheaper rent/housing prices, but i'd make less money (assuming i could find a job). and i'd have to start from scratch making new friends, etc. it is a daunting thing to consider. but it might be the right thing to do. eek. i wish i had some good advice! i think most folks only move if they have work to go to. it is just too risky without that. or maybe i am just a nervous nellie that frets about everything under the sun. :[

Kristin.... said...

We're in ME because that's where we grew up. I knew that I wanted any kids I had to be near family, since we have no family other than my parents in ME and I felt that I missed out as a child.
We moved from our hometown to this house in the woods that we built 4 years ago because a)it's 5 minutes from D's office and b) because we wanted to build something that was ours~a house, a life~that didn't involve people saying always referencing our parents (you know we grew up in the same hometown).
Also, D had a job already when I graduated law school with no job and no prospects, so I chose to come back to ME so that we wouldn't be homeless in Boston!
You know, in your heart, that you have to do whatever it takes to take care of your family. If that means moving, then it just might mean moving. Do some research...see what's out there nearby, in the next state or something, that might help you guys out.

Surely said...

Remind me, where does hubs fam live? Does that factor in the decision?

I've never lived anywhere else but here so I am not a good reference.

We mostly love it here although we both dream of moving away someday. We would like to live where it is warmer in the summer & more wintery in the winter. But we can get that by just moving to the other side of the mountains.

The only reason I wouldn't recommend the Northwest is if you don't enjoy gray skies. I won't even say rain, but gray skies. If you have even a hint of depression - this is not the state for you.
Otherwise, I think it is a beautiful place to live.