Sunday, December 13, 2009

lights, santa, action!

we've had a whirlwind weekend that kicked off thursday night w/ the boy's christmas program at school. he played a pretty awesome snowman and broke out some fierce dancing moves. i was going to share the video but neither fb nor blogger seems to want me to upload videos today. friday night we took our annual drive through a local festival of lights. i seriously hope i can get the video feature to work because i have a funny one to share from that trip.

saturday night we had our christmas party and it was a blast. we missed a few friends who couldn't make it this year, some due to just having a baby and others due to their football team playing and losing a game : ( they were missed.

the hubs wowed me yet again by dressing up as santa claus for our party. i cannot even begin to tell you how much this excited and delighted me. a few weeks ago when we were out and about and saw a santa suit in a store he off-handidly said, hey, i should dress up as santa for the party. i jumped on it excitedly. come to find out he wasn't really serious, but, he did it. i LOVED it. i love that he does stuff like that for me, knowing how happy it makes me, when he probably really didn't want to.

we had lots of yummy food, though i still have cake balls left over. my bro and i had a little nerf gun battle throughout the night, which was pretty damn funny, even though he totally creamed me. at some point we broke out the scattergories game and after a few rounds and the crowd had thinned out some i learned what teabagging was! ha. if you haven't played scattergories the gist of it is you roll a die w/ letters on it and whatever the letter is you have to come up w/ a word that starts w/ that letter for different categories on your card. our letter was t and the category was fads--i wrote down teabagging. i had heard of it of course but didn't know what it was. the boy was playing w/ us (yeah, good parenting on my part there huh?) and the girl was in the den, heard the term and googled it! nice. so now we ALL know what teabagging is.

the boy couldn't resist trying on the santa suit today. i must say, he looks cute as a button.

and here's my special santa, dressed and ready to go. god i love this man!


cheatymoon said...

The party sounds like a blast!! I saw the photos over on FB. I love that santa suit and both of your men look great in it.

Penny said...

That is so nice your husband dressed up as Santa for you!

My niece and I spent one night looking up gross sex terms on Urban Dictionary and now have several that we love to mention around people who don't know what we are talking about and then laugh and laugh...we are mature.

Surely said...

Tea bagging makes me laugh every time they talk about Tea Parties on CNN, MSNBC, etc.

I listen to Howard Stern, so I have unfortunate working knowledge. (:-D

I like Penny's idea, I will go look up new vocab words in just a minute!

Kristin.... said...

I hope you're using today to chill!

Glad you had such a good weekend!!!

Not Your Aunt B said...

Fun! And were you naughty for Santa after the party? Gotta love a man in uniform! (giggle, giggle)