Thursday, December 3, 2009

decking the halls

yes, despite the fact that i am against penguins at christmas, i have many a penguin decoration. oh, and that other ornament? yeah, me and the hubs--our first christmas ornament : ) the santa below is one the kids made this year.

our den christmas tree and the outside frosty.

our nativity scene. a friend brought this back from israel for us several years ago.

our stockings, hung by the chimney w/ care. we have about a million stockings. we got these last year during the holiday sales. we each got our initials, however, i just realized this year that for the hubs and i we got d and m for dad and mom. except, the hubs' name starts w/ m so it looks like everyone has their name letter and then me, w/ a d.

<----the outside lights. this is the first time in about five years we've had the icicle lights up.

this is little jasper, curled up in the girl's blanket.

<---here's jasper checking out the christmas decorations.

<---here's a before picture, w/ the girl searching for jasper.


Pseudo said...

Wow, how's that lawn in front of your house? Your lights and decor look beautiful and love the story about the initials ; -)

cheatymoon said...

Your house is turbo cute.

Love this post.

I'm going to have to get my decorations out...

Oh, yeah, and BOX UP SOME PENGUINS and send them to my bloggy friend. (ha).

Gal Friday said...

This was fun!(gave me an idea to do something similar...whenever I get myself in gear and actually get out all the holiday decorations).
Your lit up house from the outside looks spectacular...
(why are you against penguins at Christmas?)

Kristin.... said...

Awesome decorations!

You need to watch Merry Madagascar. They talk about the penguins and Christmas. :)