Wednesday, December 2, 2009

do the humpty dance

the powers that be say it is hump day. hmm. ok.

it is pouring rain here this morning, which means i will drive the girl to school because seriously, who wants to stand out in the cold pouring rain waiting on the school bus? not me.

i am being incredibly presumptuous w/ this post because i'm sharing a recipe. omfg. me!? sharing a recipe. to be fair i don't think anyone came right out and asked me for it, but a few of you said it sounded interesting : ) ha.

pineapple casserole

2 15 oz cans pineapple chunks
1 cup sugar
6 tbls flour
2 cups shredded cheese
4 oz ritz crackers (smooshed. and i don't know what 4 oz is so i think i put a sleeve in)
1/2 cup melted butter

Drain pineapple reserving 1/2 cup of the juice. Place pineapple in baking dish. Sprinkle w/ mixture of flour and sugar. Pour the juice on top. Sprinkle w/ cheese/cracker crumbs. Drizzle w/ the butter. Bake for 30 mins at 350degrees.

i may or may not use more cheese.

if anyone perfects this, let me know.

it is a rainy, chilly, wednesday morning and i got up at 6am and i don't like it. you'd think by now i would get used to getting up this early, but, i haven't.

did i tell you we saw blindside? it was an incredible story. sandra bullock did a great, believable job. i had my doubts at first, w/ the southern accent and all. but she pulled it off. time mcgraw didn't do too shabby either. i will not give the story away, though it is based on a true story, a recent true story no less, but it is not the tear jerker i anticipated. seeing the previews i thought i'd be bawling about 5 minutes in and not be able to stop. but, it isn't like that. the story captivates you, the characters draw you in and help you feel like part of their family. it's like you are sitting around their family dinner table and they're telling you a story. there are some moments that pull on your heart strings and there are some that will make you laugh out loud. if you haven't seen it--go. it's worth it. i walked out of there filled w/ hope. even if only momentarily.

the girl just informed me that retardo dog (aka keely, the wiley escaped artist australian shepherd) ate the rest of a can of mixed nuts that were sitting on the end table out of retribution for me (under vet orders) telling everyone to cut out the table scrap and chip feeding of the dogs. the black lab is about 20 lbs overweight so i've directed the no snack rule. even though keely is not overweight, she is missing out on the snacks too. i think she just got bored.

my aunt and uncle (the ones moving to arizona after the first of the year) are having a christmas party this weekend. they've had these before and we've always gone. they are pretty sedate for the most part---except for the fact that my uncle and dad make the cussing i do here on the blog look like child's play. anywho---apparently this will be their last hoorah or is it hurrah? before moving so it may get wild. out of hand. drunken. my sil joked that she'd keep all the kids and i should be the designated driver for my bro and the hubs. i think throwing those two in the mix, drinking, w/ my dad in the mix, drinking would be like lighting a short fuse on a bomb. i'm not sure i want to do that.

...ok, mom's chauffeur service is needed. i think i am starting to see why parents get excited when their kids can drive themselves.


Anonymous said...

My Mom makes a similar, if not the same, recipe and we all like it. It's easy and yummy!

Sweet T

drollgirl said...

i have two fat cats, and they are most likely going to remain that way the rest of their lives. cats don't do anything all day, so how many calories can they really burn? and they love food (and napping), just like their mom!

that party you described makes me a bit nervous. i think i would bow out, but i am not really a big drinker or a social extrovert. and parties make me nervous, especially if FAMILY are invovled. bleh.

hope you are doing ok, and thank you for all of your rad comments. you are the best.

HUGS! or push me away if you don't want one! :)

Penny said...

We used to feed my dog snacks all the time and she ended up getting diabetes and the vet contributed it partly to all the extra food we were giving her...she died and we have a firm no snack policy with out other dog...she is probably pissed.

That pineapple casserole sounds so weird, I must try it sometime.

Surely said...

Missy Jo is a food whore. OMG. It can be so frustrating. Not to mention that the entire family gives her snacks. I'll tell that story on the blog..stay tuned.

re: family gatherings. Before my dad got sick/passed, Kev & I played the "Who's going to take the Lord's Name in Vain on a Major Religious Holiday?" game. My dad usually one but one year my mom pulled out a last minute shocker.
Fun had by all.