Thursday, May 21, 2009

flora and fauna

my pitiful attempt at taking a photo of a spider web, yes, see that blur in the center of the chains? spider web.

one of our asiatic lilies

the hubs carved this in one of our trees a few years ago : )

one of the front flower beds, desperately needs weeding. allium (tall purple flower), a lone strawberry plant, red petunia, a dying lily and another red thing i can't recall the name of

the garden--25 strawberries, 1 cantaloupe, cilantro, 1 yellow squash, 6 lettuce and 2 tomatoes--this was taken a couple of weeks ago. things are bigger but we haven't harvested anything yet.

a few pansies in a pot. i love pansies because they look like they have faces and remind of of disney's alice in wonderland.

the hubs loves roses; we have a lot scattered throughout the yard

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drollgirl said...

you have quite the green thumb! and your flowers are so gorgeous. woo hoo!