Thursday, May 21, 2009

the boy, penguin cup and a glimpse of me

i always enjoy seeing every one's pics on their blogs but am usually too lazy to put any on mine, so today you're getting three--yes three!--posts w/ pictures. enjoy, these pic posts are few and far between : )

here's a fun shot of the boy as we were going to the spring folly (town carnival) a few weeks ago; i think he actually took this shot himself : )

my friend sweet t gave me the most incredibly awesome mug the other day. truly, i have never seen anything like it and i have to think it was made just for me. it has penguins on it. look closely---do you SEE what they are doing???? omfg---awesomest mug EVER! and yes, that is my coffee w/ cream this morning!

i have been meaning to do this for quite awhile, but am so impatient about uploading pictures, and actually, this might be too small. my idea was that it would be cool to see what is on people's kitchen window sills, if anything. so, here is a shot of mine. from left to right: small gourd painted to look like a penguin; penguin limoges-type trinket--open it to find a tiny fish inside; a wee pitcher; a little flower pot one of the kids painted a few years ago; a stone w/ love carved in it; a tiny pottery bud vase; a tiny coke shot glass w/ azalea blooms from the yard; a mottled lump/sculpture of sculpey clay; a ring holder (w/ my rings) that the girl made me a few years ago; an avocado pit i was trying to figure out how to root--it has since been trashed and finally a shot glass from germany w/ a penguin ball sitting on top. what's on YOUR window sill?


Pandora said...

Your pictures are all really great,you should put up more!And regularly!

I also love looking at people's pictures,because it teaches you a lot about a person.

Your garden looks good,you should see mine :/ I should take a picture and you can see what a blah garden really looks like.

That space camp just looks like so much fun,although I'm not good on 'rides' that make me want to puke.I suffer from bad,bad motion sickness.LOL

Remember - more pictures,more often!

Not Your Aunt B said...

Those are naughty, naughty penguins!
The boy looks cute. He has a kind face. I like that.
And I wish I had a window sill in my kitchen, but alas, I do not. And the kitchen windows (by the kitchen table) have nothing on them but blinds. Boring.

Astarte said...

I love all the photos, esp the girl's face in that one where she thinks you're a total dork. :)

On my windowsill, I have three Christmas cacti and a few coupons that have probably expired by now. :)

drollgirl said...

your son is SO CUTE!!! or handsome! or whatever he prefers. :)

Anonymous said...

I have seashells on my windowsill.

cheatymoon said...

I've been wanting to do a windowsill post for a while too. And that's it, when I find that stupid box-o-penguins, I'm sending them to you. I used to have a few living on my windowsills. When I was married. I felt the need to purge.

Love the photos. So fun.

cheatymoon said...

Also, I just looked at your window sill photo again and I have a little blue crock/jug on my kitchen window.


Also, your children are adorable.