Wednesday, May 27, 2009

what's been going on?

whew, you'd think i had a job or something i've been so busy lately. alas, no. no job. i'm trying not to freak out about it but it's sad out there.

friday i met w/ the publisher of a small (and i mean small, like he's the only full time person) local mag and it was weird. the guy is all of 25 and i'm not sure he even knew why he was talking to me. i think i could really help him out, he's ready to take it to the next level, but i don't think he has the money to afford me or is quite certain how he wants to get where he wants to go.

i pretended to be astarte one day last week at the grocery store and i kid you not, i saved nearly 50% of my bill using the store saver card, coupons and buying stuff on special. i'd half assed done coupons before but it does take time, something i didn't use to have much of, and it takes being at the store w/out the family.

the kids have been in the pool off and on since late last week--well, when it hasn't been raining. i think it's rained just about every day since last wednesday.

saturday the hubs and i worked on the yard and the kids each had a friend over and played in the pool. i felt about 100 yrs old saturday night--aches and pains of hard work. but the yard looks good again--well, now it needs mowed again after all the rain, but otherwise, it's good.

we harvested some lettuce from the garden and one strawberry : ) there are little green tomatoes and some yellow squash flowers and the cilantro is taking off. we have a bit of a slug problem though so i'm hoping they don't eat all of the fruits of our labors!

sunday we had friends over for a cookout and it was nice. rained up until everyone got here, but otherwise it went well. i'd say about 90% of us were jobless. funny how your conversations change from bitching about work to bitching about not being able to find any.

monday was the best. we finally found a hammock that didn't cost an arm and a leg. the hubs and i took turns in it while the kids were in the pool--it's still a bit too cold for my comfort level. it really was just a peaceful day. all the chores were done in preparation for the cookout the day before and we just relaxed.

i think i've caught up on all my blog reading and will finish up responding to comments tomorrow.


Not Your Aunt B said...

You have been busy. I bow to your coupon prowess. I need to learn to use them better. And YAY for the garden! My cilantro bolted- too hot here. And double YAY for the hammock!

Hotch Potchery said...

begin whine* I WANNA POOL *end whine.

I love weekends like that, where there is some good hard work, some good relaxing. I tend to stick to the lazy factor.

Fragrant Liar said...

90% at your barbecue were unemployed? That is so sad. I hope you find something soon, but in the meantime, isn't it nice to be home for a change? I'd give my left - er, arm to stay home for awhile (as long as I had plenty o' money to tide me ovr, ya know).

drollgirl said...

a hammock in perfect weather sounds so nice! and with your own strawberries? yum, that will be nice!

Pseudo said...

Summer is upon us. Love cookouts.

Pandora said...

I also want to be able to say I work hard in my garden,but alas,I never do.LOL,you should take some pics of your garden with the new hammock.My best friend would be so jealous - she has been desiring a hammock for ages now.

In South Africa we don't get things like coupons where you can get discounts when you go shopping,except maybe when you buy a certain product and you get a coupon with it for the refill or something like that.I would spend my nights figuring out what discounts I could get.

Anonymous said...

I have wanted a hammock for YEARS and Warren has promised to get me one for our new house. Where did you get yours?

I am terrified of being in the job market...I gave my resignation yesterday.


Gal Friday said...

I know that achey, 100 year old woman feeling--I get it , too, from yard and garden work(and it is an eye opener because I don't recall feeling that way a few years ago)

We were at a cook-out Friday night, and I learned two people I know and thought had the ideal jobs had recently lost them. A crappy sign of the times...

**Now have to train your kids to be able and willing hammock rockers for when you are lying in it... ;-)

cheatymoon said...

A pool would be lovely. My in-laws have pools. A cookout by the pool is the family get together of choice for us...

Good luck w/ your garden! Impressive!

Astarte said...

I freakin' HATE slugs!!!! Ever since I stepped on one barefoot one time (I know, you just threw up in your mouth a little, didn't you?! It was as bad as you could imagine, believe me!) I can't stand to even look at them! I heard if you lay out a plate of beer, they will crawl into it and die, so you might want to try that in your garden. I would try it myself, but I'd probably just end up with drunken housepets.

After we finished putting that gazebo up, I was OK, but then that evening when I was reading with Josie, I could barely move my arms. It was the first time in I don't know how long that we were all actully in bed by 9.