Monday, May 18, 2009

m is for monday

friday night the girl went to a sleepover so the hubs, boy and i went to see star trek. while i am enamored w/ one jean luc picard, i really could care less about kirk and his generation. i was forced to watch it growing up and while i don't hate it, it wasn't my fave. i knew the hubs wanted to see it though and we've seen all the other star trek movies. i'm glad we went, it was actually pretty good. i loved getting the "back story" on the characters; the dialogue had some humor, the action was packed, and the dude playing kirk wasn't very ugly at all. this has inspired the boy to get on the star trek kick, i thought, ok, here we go welcome new obsession. the boy gets on these kicks. we've done spider man, hulk, star wars, etc. but, after watching about 10 minutes of one of the old star trek movies the boy proclaimed they weren't that good. ok. to each his own.

after i picked the girl up from her sleepover saturday morning we went for makeovers. i've never done this. ever. you know, go to a department store and have them do your make up and skin? yeah. it was actually kind of fun. and? yeah, the girl loved it. blue mascara and eye shadow for her, moisturizer w/ spf for both of us and an eye liner and shadow for me. i have never spent money like that on cosmetics.

sunday was....happiness. first, it was chilly and rainy. i know, i'm weird. i love that kind of weather. the girl and i stayed in our pajamas all day long. it was a do nothing, relaxing day. i started reading a book, a book that's overdue at the library. the lady elizabeth--a novel about anne boleyn and henry VIII's daughter elizabeth. i finished it today. it's been a long time since i was so engrossed in a book. it felt good.

today i went to visit my friend big t. she got laid off from our office in jan. and i hadn't seen her in about 6 weeks or more. we just hung out at her house, caught up, had lunch. it was great. she has the largest butterfly bush i have ever seen in her backyard.

all in all i have to say i am happy. yes, i am still looking for and need a job, but when i look around me, i am more fortunate than a lot of people. i know some couples where both are out of jobs; friends who are dealing w/ deaths in the family; friends who are dealing w/ tough issues and most all are also going through the job loss thing at the same time. i am lucky in that, while i need to find a job, we are not destitute (yet); the hubs still has a job (albeit one he hates); my kids and the hubs are not suffering or in pain. i am content.

i read something recently, i think it was in that lady elizabeth book--i can't remember the exact phrase, but it was something like, it is good to appreciate and recognize happiness while you are in it, not just when you look back on that time longingly, only then realizing you were happy. make sense?


Hotch Potchery said...

I love rainy, pajama days! Glad to hear you are happy!!!! Exclamation point!

cheatymoon said...

A pajama day is a huge gift. I love that sort of weather.

A makeover day sounds like fun too.

Seems like you are riding this wave of unemployment quite nicely. It totally makes sense to appreciate what you have in the moment. The only way to be...

Have a happy Tuesday!

Pandora said...

You and your girls' Sunday sounds absolutely perfect to me!Doing nothing over weekends is my favorite thing to do by far.I've never had a makeover,but then again,I'm a bit shy to go to a makeup counter and have someone do my makeup for me.I'm afraid they'll take one look at me and run away.

There's nothing nicer than reading a book that is so good that you can hardly tear yourself away from it.I really love it when that 'magic' happens.

It is so true that one must try to always recognise happiness in your life,but I think it's only human to mostly recognise all the bad,sad,depressing things first.But I think we will all be much more content if we tried a little harder to appreciate the happiness that we do have in our lives.


Gal Friday said...

"i started reading a book, a book that's overdue at the library." (it wasn't a Phillipa Gregory book, was it?)

I don't know exactly why, but I loved that sentence!! :-)

You sound like you are truly enjoying and appreciating life right now, and the quote from the book says it all.

I have never in my life gone for a makeover, either, but don't know even if I would enjoy it. I am a bit of a control freak about how I present myself and think automatically I would hate what they decided to put on my face. Also, once I remember my mother went and had a department store makeover and she came back with this hard look--black mascara and liner(this was the 80's) and it looked terrible on her.

Kristin.... said...

I'm in dire need of some good books to read. Send me some names. Please.

Oh Jean Luc. YUM. I have a CD of him narrating "Peter and the Wolf". It's pure heaven.

I'm glad you're well. I wish I were content. Isn't it awful?

Not Your Aunt B said...

Oh, pajama days. I love those. And how fun to have your makeup done- a fun mother/daughter thing to do. It is good to be in a happy place.

Not Your Aunt B said...

Oh, pajama days. I love those. And how fun to have your makeup done- a fun mother/daughter thing to do. It is good to be in a happy place.

Astarte said...

pajama days are wonderful, and they're really only good on rainy days, because otherwise I feel guilty about not going outside. Rainy, chilly days are perfect for reading and watching movies!!

Astarte said...

Also, you sound *great*. I'm glad you're mentally so healthy.

drollgirl said...

so glad you are doing alright! and that quote at the end is something. i need to bookmark that or tattoo it on my hand or something!