Friday, May 22, 2009

i don't understand

why people insist on remaking movies iconic movies. did they learn nothing from trying to remake grease w/ michelle pfeiffer? now they are remaking footloose? really? i don't know who this guy is that will play kevin bacon, but i've seen the shower scene in wild orchids and bacon has some.....large shoes to fill. that's another movie i won't be seeing.

why do companies give products to people who could buy and sell said product hundreds of times over rather than giving it to people who could never in a million years afford it?? the queen of england now has her own gold plated wii. cos i'm sure she hangs out playing mario cart or bowling all the time. where i used to work companies were always sending us press releases about how such and such celeb was using their product blah blah blah, like it was news or something. how many people are now going to be inspired to get a wii because the queen has one or are going to get xyz stroller because the latest celeb mom is pushing her kid in it? i hate stuff like that.

the world's wealthiest had a SECRET meeting on may 5, kinda like the superfriends or something. oprah, bill gates, warren buffet, ted turner and some others got together to talk about the world economy. media weren't allowed in but of course stories leaked out. each rich person got 15 minutes to talk about what they think they should do for the world. hello-----give us all a cool mill and we'll be set. think of the tax write off. if they gave everyone a mill i'd be ok w/ them not ever having to pay taxes again or something. i hope, if they do actually do something, that they REALLY do something and don't just set up a foundation to study something or other.

i can't comment on the america idol win/upset because honestly we don't watch it. one season a couple of years ago we watched it, i think it was the year fantasia won (she's a local girl but what a disappointment she turned out to be).


Sherendipity said...

fantasia kind of makes me throw up a little in my mouth.

Pandora said...

It irritates the crap out of me when they remake old movies,because they are so stupid to still haven't realised that remakes are never as good as the original.

Rich people always get more and more and more,whereas if you are poor,you are most likely to just become poorer and poorer.

I wouldn't mind them giving us all a million,even a bit less,I mean,they can afford it,and will never be able to spend all their money on their own anyway.

drollgirl said...

bah! you are spot on with all of these comments!

leave classic movies ALONE. you will never ever make them better.

and these dumb tax bailouts would have been a lot better if they went to REAL PEOPLE, not giant corporations that have already blown the money (or banks that haven't loaned it out) and have nothing to show for it!

the queen with a wii. that is so RETARDED i can hardly stand it. that is like giving a rascal to the winner of the tour de france. or worse!

and american idol. you could put a gun to my head and i wouldn't watch it. there is no way they would play my kind of music.

all of that aside, i hope your weekend is fantastic!

cheatymoon said...

gold plated wii. that's craziness.

have a fab weekend.

Not Your Aunt B said...

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Fragrant Liar said...

I don't know how anybody could think to replace Mr. Sedgwick. They really must have balls, contrary to the shower incident...

A gold-plated Wii? Shit.

Hotch Potchery said...

mm. We have had the movie debate once before...I still am a fan of some of the remakes. I loved Footloose, and will see the remake, so will wait until then.

I want a gold Wii.