Friday, April 18, 2008

random thought friday

it has been made mention this week that i'm quiet. eh. i have a lot going on in my head. like seriously questioning what the fuck i'm doing in this job. for about 10 years now i've basically been doing the same thing, writing the same story over and over again and i'm over it. different business trips, different people, different product, but essentially it's the same thing. and deadlines. i think this is why i procrastinate. it is the only challenge left.

i wish i had the balls to get a different job. it's not just that i hate getting out of my comfort zone but also that i don't work because it's all grins and giggles, i work for a paycheck, and in these here parts there isn't a whole lot of what i do to go around. plus i carry our insurance.

i'm not upset or anything, just thinking, as i do every so often, that this job is not what life is about.

other thoughts.

do you like having your butt rubbed? yeah, me too. the hubs says it's like a meter for him. rub, rub, rub and i get quiet means it's soothing and i've fallen asleep. rub, rub, rub and i back up to him like meow the cat in heat and he knows he's getting lucky. sorry, probably tmi but whatareyagonnado?

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