Wednesday, April 23, 2008

family math

so strange that i'm thinking mathematically since i despise math and all it is.

anyhoo---this morning the girl left for her 5th grade field trip. she was excited and ready to go. i was devastated but excited for her. i took her to school at the butt crack of dawn (7am) and waited around with her while the buses were loaded. i teetered on the edge of tears each time i looked at her, hugged her about 40 kabillion times (to the point where she was getting annoyed with me i think). there was my girl, my beautiful, blond haired, smart, freckle-faced, funny little baby ready for her first big school trip. she got on the bus and didn't even look back (yes, my heart broke a little). i stood there, tears in my eyes and watched it pull away. then i sobbed uncontrollably as i drove home to see the hubs off for his business trip and take the boy to school.

on the way back to school w/ the boy i said, hmm, well, it's just you and me now. kinda weird huh?

he said, yeah, but weird in a good way. half of the boys in our family are here and half of the girls.

yes, that's right. and half of the kids are here and half of the parents, i said. and half of the brown-eyed people and half of the hazel-eyed people.

wow, i just did math in fractions mom! so, what fun thing are we going to do tonight?

we could go to dinner, i said.

he threw out some suggestions and then said, but i'm open, anywhere you want to go is fine too.


Anonymous said...

Have fun with the Boy! Enjoy it while you can. How long will the Hubs be gone?

Sweet T

creative kerfuffle said...

ST--we're going to dinner and shopping for legos (that part is a surprise). the hubs will be home tomorrow night.

Triad NOW said...

that is really sweet. i bet that he will have a blast with it just being the two of you tonight!

Kristin.... said...

Oh my. I can't wait to hear how the trip went. I'd be right alongside you crying. Glad to know I'm not the only overprotective sap!
Have fun with the boy!

broad minded said...

ck- oops triad now was really me. sorry!

creative kerfuffle said...

Kristin--i'm on pins and needles just to hear from her. they aren't allowed to call until the get to the hotel tonight. it's killing me! some of my friends (who do not have kids yet) make fun of me for my overprotectiveness and say 'i wouldn't do this or that.' i just smile and think, yeah, just you wait!
broad--thanks for clearing that up! i was thinking i had a stalker!lol

{sue} said...

Well, I will have a 5th grader next year, and my eyes were welling up just reading that! Not that there aren't days where I wouldn't like to put him on the first bus out of town, but, *sniff* I'm not ready for this stuff!

creative kerfuffle said...

sue--i feel the same about the girl. some days it's like, wtf? are you the spawn of the devil? but she's MY spawn and this letting go thing sucks big time.

{sue} said...

OMG - someone needs to make a whole post with this quote as the title!

wtf? are you the spawn of the devil? but she's MY spawn and this letting go thing sucks big time.