Wednesday, April 30, 2008

overprotective much?

yeah, probably.

we're not letting the girl go on the sleepover w/ the daycare counselors (see previous post). i'm fairly certain it would be fine but it just seems weird to me.

most of the time i'm pretty naive and the hubs has accused me of wearing rose colored glasses (though it's also one of the things that drew him to me) and i give people the benefit of the doubt and think the best before the worst, but...when it comes to my kids i'm (we're) pessimists.

i think the hubs is this way, always thinking the worst, because he's more of a cynic and realist in general so it's not a far stretch for him to be overprotective w/ the kids. plus, how many news stories do you have to see not to realize that there are freaks out there? did you read about that austrian guy who kidnapped his own 18 year old daughter and held her hostage in the basement for 24 years and fathered 7 children with her? google it. when shit like that can happen in this world, when people can do that, there's just no telling what the person down the street can do.

for my part i think i'm overprotective because my mom wasn't.

i know we have to walk that fine line between suffocating our kids and keeping them safe. i know that if i say no to everything i'm going to turn them into these rebellious people who do things just to spite me. i know this. i try to pick and choose my battles as far as that goes. hey, she went to williamsburg with people i don't know for two nights! she has spent the night with friends.

i just find it odd that people w/out kids want to have kids sleepover. hello, can we say michael jackson? no no i realize these counselors PROBABLY are not anything at all like michael jackson, but i'm sure some of the parents of the kids that hung out w/ him thought, he's michael jackson, surely he's safe.


Kristin.... said...

I think I would agree with you in everything you said. I tend to be a bit overprotective and then wonder if I am not giving the kids enough breathing room and a chance to learn a bit. But, then again, sometimes they don't THINK so I have to THINK for them. Ack. It's a pain.

creative kerfuffle said...

this parenting thing is HARD isn't it? people w/ teenagers tell me, just wait, it gets worse and i think WTF? really? oy vey, this is why babies are so damned cute, so you'll keep then. then by the time you've had enough you're already in love with them and couldn't part w/ them. very sneaky.