Wednesday, April 16, 2008

puddin' is here!

last night around 8ish my newest niece was born! : ) my SIL had been running a fever and was dehydrated monday and yesterday the baby decided it was time to get the hell out. my bro called around 7ish and i was on my way to the hospital. a few minutes later i found out they'd wheeled the SIL back to do a c-section cos the baby was stressing out.

turns out the SIL either has some type of strep or is a carrier (i'm unclear on the details just yet) and the umbilical cord was loose around puddin's neck. all told my bro said they were at the hospital maybe 3 hours before she was born.

all is well and both SIL and puddin' are doing great. i didn't get to hold her last night, just look at her through the glass but she's as cute as she can be. 8 lbs 6oz and 21 3/4" long. she has hair but not sure yet what color it is exactly, possibly blond or even red (my sil is a red head).

my nephew is going to meet his sister this morning, though when my bro talked to him on the phone earlier my nephew said he was freaking out about it and not sure if he wanted to see her. he's with the sil's parents now.

happy first day of life puddin'!

yesterday was also the girl's 11 yr. check up. even though she had a female doctor (up to this point she's always seen a man) she was still shy about the exam (NOT internal, not yet). we talked about the guardasil shot and decided to hold off on that until 12 or 13 cos she already had to get 3 booster shots.

i know there are some parents who are leery of all the shots given these days. i can't say that i know everything about everything, obviously, but i'm pretty much for giving my kids any shots that are going to prevent something lifethreatening or that will make it less of an issue. i did opt not to give her the hep a shot cos that's for food born hepatitis and as far as i know that is not life threatening.

i have a question for you. last night i dreamt that one of my friends and her family stopped by to visit and she was obviously pregnant (don't panic, it wasn't any of you). i know her husband has had a vasectomy but she was at least 6-7 months pregnant in my dream. for the newcomers, it should be noted that any time i've had a dream about someone being pregnant (myself or others) it has been true. however, i also dreamt that this friend had something wrong. this will sound weird but it was nose cancer. i don't even know if that's possible.

my question is, should i tell her about this dream? would you want me to tell if it were you?


Trish said...

don't tell

Kristin.... said...

Congrats to SIL and baby puddin!

I am of a different opinion about the dream. My husband had a coworker who had a funny spot on her face. He told her to get it checked out and amazingly, she did. It was skin cancer. They caught it in time and she was fine. She calls him her angel. Sometimes it's worth the akwardness.

Anonymous said...

I have a coworker who was just diagnosed with melanoma. It was a big obvious "mole" looking thing, but who would've guessed it was cancer? Even if she thinks you're nuts, it can't hurt to mention the dream and your weird clairvoyant powers.

Congrats to the family!

Sweet T

broad minded said...

yahoo!!! congrats to all.

and yes, tell.

creative kerfuffle said...

thanks for the congrats. i'm just a LITTLE bit excited.

Trish--why not tell?

Others--really, i should tell even though it was a dream?

i did find a mole like that on the hubs last year and made him get it looked at--it was skin cancer.