Thursday, April 3, 2008

in sync

many of you who either know me in person or have been reading for awhile know that the hubs and i have been together forever for the better part of 25 years. we met when i was 14, started dating when i was 15 and got married when i was 24.

this longevity affords us many perks, one of which is mostly being in sync with each other's thoughts. people have often remarked at our ability to finish each other's sentences. it is pretty cool and something i mostly take for granted really. this does not mean we are always on the same page or that we are always happy and the perfect couple--that does not exist in any relationship. however, we are pretty good together.

this week we've both noticed our uncanny ability even more. perhaps it's because since last saturday we've all spent more time together, mostly just the four of us, than usual. whatever the case, the hubs and i have had like a vulcan mind meld thing going on this week.

tuesday on the way back from the art museum we stopped for lunch.

the girl was talking about something and mentioned it was april. at that very moment i thought, shit, it's april first and we haven't even played any april fool jokes on anyone. just as i was trying to think of something to pull on the kids the hubs looked at me like he was reading my mind and told the kids he was going to have to leave tomorrow. the boy's first thoughts were, uh, ok but you're still going to record star wars for me friday night right? then i said that actually, since my company is up for sale we were going to be moving to montana (i know, we're horribly mean parents).

the girl's first question was where is montana. (yeah, great fifth grade geography huh?) sadly my answer was it's one of the squarish states out west. the boy immediately burst into tears. the hubs and i looked at each other like wtf?

boy, why are you crying? because if we move to montana i won't see john anymore (his best friend, the boy that came over to play the other day). he was devastated. seriously little dude was beside himself. the hubs was like, uh, wtf, when i was going to move away you were worried about star wars but if we're all moving you just care about john. kid's are so weird.

anyway, that is just one of about a million examples of how in sync the hubs and i have been this week. i'm sure it would be funny to hear our conversations.

me: i'd like to go to...
him: yeah me too and look at those...
me: oh, yeah, i really like those too. they'd look good...
him. yes, i think so too.

spring break update:
yesterday we went to the library (i checked out a trashy romance novel and i've almost finished it), did a little shopping and got ice cream and cooked out and i took a nap.

today i took the kids to the park (then it started raining) and we've made cookies. the hubs is making wings tonight and we'll probably bake something else soon. i might also take a nap : )


Kristin.... said...

My husband and I have been together for 17 years, so I know exactly what you mean. Vulcan mind meld actually describes it quite nicely.
Oh, my kids just aren't ready for April fools jokes yet-we can barely kid with them without making them cry. gah

Trish said...

The first time I met your hubs-we all were having lunch at Mi Pi's-I noticed this. Most admirable.

creative kerfuffle said...

Kristin--ooo, it will be fun when you're kids get old enough to fuck w/ them. really i just consider it a perk for all the parenting crap we have to put up w/.
Trish--really? interesting that something like that stuck out in your mind so long ago. sweet actually.