Thursday, April 10, 2008

let's play catch up shall we?

  • the countdown for my SIL's due date is 8 days! in 8 days, give or take a day, i will be an aunt again. i can't wait. i'm pretty excited.
  • i've been working a trade show this week (hence my blogging absence). nothing like going from the leisurely days of spring break right smack dab into an incredibly busy time. however, this wasn't one of our major shows so at least i wasn't getting home late every night. however, i did pretty much crash before my usual bedtime.
  • i was mistaken for someone younger this week. a vendor i was talking too lumped me in to his age group (i thought he was about 26). he said he was 32 and i said, uh, yeah, i'll be 40 this year. i think he was honest though when he said i didn't look 40. eh, who cares if he was lying, i don't feel 40. well, this week, with all the walking i guess i do.
  • i think appliances and mechanical things in your house talk to each other and plot conspiracies. i think my beloved lawn mower is in cahoots with the coffee pot. it died yesterday too. dammit. i never liked that coffee pot anyway but still--this morning it was a bitch trying to get my eyes open and my brain to work without coffee.
  • the boy is having some behavior issues at school. i walked the kids into school one day this week (normally we just do the drive by drop off) and his teacher asked to speak to me. apparently the boy is acting out. not raising his hand, speaking out of turn, trying to be the class clown, getting mad when he's asked to flip his card (three card flips and a note goes home). he was given a note monday that he did not bring home. this has happened more frequently this year in second grade. i'm not sure if it's because he's bored in class or that he had the same teacher for K and 1st grade and she adored him and vice versa. although his teacher said he's having trouble w/ other teachers too, not just her. his punishment was that he had to give up all (like 20) light sabers for 2 days. a crushing blow to our budding jedi knight.
  • astarte left some interesting thoughts on the sleepy sunday post that i'm addressing here rather than in comments. first on the sister asking me to help decorate. my sister doesn't know how i really feel about her i guess because i'm being two faced cordial to her. she is 12 yrs. younger than me and though i suppose she is doing better now, she's done some really fucked up things in her life and caused a lot of family grief. she also is so much like my mom (manipulative and oh, poor me i have a rough life) and that contributes to why i don't like her. i am nice to her and my parents but they are not people i would pick as friends and not people that i enjoy spending oodles of time with.
  • on star wars--i'm with astarte and i totally do not like the new movies. they don't have the same feel and i really prefer the original three. han solo is much better and i still have a hard time w/ ewan being obi wan or one or whatever the spelling is. the boy is so immersed in this world right now. it's all star wars all the time. the original three are on this weekend and i'm hoping at least he'll watch them and like them as much as the second set cos i'm really over seeing annikin being burned alive and turned into darth vadar.
  • regarding sex. for those of you with kids--do you have a hard time being quiet during sex? i really do try to be mindful of this (cos apparently i'm pretty vocal) because i still remember being in high school and hearing my parents have sex. it was gross. i think in general women are loud than men. what say you?
  • the girl is in full on 80s mode these days. both of my kids (bless their hearts) love 80s music (must be because that's usually what we play in the car w/ them, though they also like some van morrison and maroon 5). she's had me put her hair in a sideways ponytail every day this week. she's walking around singing pass the dutchie and straight up. they both love stray cat strutt and eye of the tiger. granted these are not the best of the 80s songs but it's certainly better than some of the crap on the radio now. if she starts wearing leg warmers (do they even sell them now?) i'm really going to laugh : )


Kristin.... said...

My older kids (mind you, ages 7 and 3) are into Ozzy. Well, just "Crazy Train". Quite weird. And while my 3 year old was riding his scooter up and down the driveway today, he was singing Queen's "Bicycle". Because of course, every 3 year old should know the words to a Queen song.
The new Star Wars movies annoy me. JarJar Binks? Ugh. The annoying actor who played Annakin? Ugh. Give me Harrison Ford any day. Yum.

broad minded said...

glad you are back.

{sue} said...

My Middle Gal (2nd grade) is having trouble at school all of a sudden. I have been telling her teacher all year that I think she has "issues", but she always says she's fine. But just twice this week, I got the "come here" finger crook in the parking lot at pickup time. Apparently, she's working on a note to me, but it's taking her awhile to write it. Oy vey! (This happened last year at this time too - I think maybe the kids get sick of school and the teachers get sick of kids right about now?)

Hope he straightens out. It's almost over.

Anonymous said...

Friends of mine got a new coffee maker that they have compared to the Holy Grail. It's a Cuisinart that doesn't have a carafe to clean, and dispenses the coffee one cup at a time, keeping the rest warm inside the maker. Apparently it's a breeze to clean, too.

Sweet non-coffee drinking T

creative kerfuffle said...

Kristin--love that your kids are into Queen and Ozzy : ) too funny. and yeah, jar jar? wtf?
Broad--i hope to catch up on reading you this weekend : )
Sue--oy vey w/ the 2nd graders. today i got another call from school. post to come on that one.
Sweet T--cuisinart--sounds expensive. i wish they'd let you test drive coffee pots. i guess the brew part still works but it has a grinder in it too and that's totally shot. i guess i should have known when it sounded like a plane was taking off in my kitchen. the blade totally separated from whatever it was attached to.