Monday, January 25, 2010

my cups runneth over

Firegirl, over at her blog Just a bunch of silliness really, did this post about her favorite coffee cup. She's always doing post where I say, ohhhh, I need to do a post about that and then of course I forget. Great ideas she has---a post on your favorite kiss or writing a want ad for your significant other. These are just a few I said i wanted to write about here and never did so i'm doing the coffee cup one : )

i could not pick just one favorite coffee cup so here's the line up.

l to r: i've had this cup, a plastic one from dunkin donuts, for more than 13 yrs. the logo has worn off and it is all kinds of coffee stained inside (see below). this white cup says good morning (which is an oxymoron in my book). i like this cup because it is HUGE and crisp looking and my bro/sil gave it to me this year for christmas. next up is my fornicating penguin mug my friend sweet t gave me. it's fornicating penguins! what's not to love? next is a big assed mug i got when i was in germany a couple of yrs ago--kind of commercially since it says starbucks on it, but still, i like it. the last one is an old, small, chipped cup that i don't even really drink out of. it belonged to my grandpa though and when my grandma was moving in w/ my aunt before she died it's one of the things i wanted. i also have a mug w/ my alma mater on it but it was in the dishwasher.

this is clean, i promise. i have no idea why i like this mug so much. i like the feel of it, the fact that it holds a lot of coffee. as you can tell....i like my cups big : ) mmmmmmmmhhhhhmmmmm.

your turn. show me your favorite drinking vessel. a coffee cup? glass? wine glass? beer mug? let it fly : )


Not Your Aunt B said...

Stemless wine glasses. 'Cuz I got tired of knocking them over when I was tipsy!

Penny said...

Bea's comment made me laugh, I have those too!

I want to post a picture of my favorite coffee cup because it also fits into the category of my "bird stuff" that I keep threatening to post....

cheatymoon said...

I'm with you on the big coffee cup. I have two that look to be about the same size as your fave. I may do this one someday. You know, when i get out from under the BLANKET. Ha.

Surely said...

Ah, thanks for the sweet words!

I have a Vegas Starbucks cup that I love too but the handle is cracked so I can't use it. *pout*

drollgirl said...

ha! i don't drink coffee, but i DO have favorite glasses and cups to drink from. i like 'em big! ahhahaha

my old boyfriend used to drink from one special coffee cup. it was pretty revolting, as he had not washed it in YEARS. YEARS. he had some theory/superstition (learned in the navy) that not washing the cup would bring good luck and better flavor. poppycock! ahahhaha

Gal Friday said...

Fornicating peguins on a mug..! Wow.
I am attached to a few mugs, myself, and even though for some reason Mr. F goes through phases where he suggests we pare down our mug collection, there are some he knows he can't ever get rid of(some were gifts from people I miss, one has polka dots, one makes me feel like a Victorian Lady having a tea party when I drink from it)